Cursed Lands / Lost in the Astral: Tips (Tips and tactics for the game)

All the codes from the first “Cursed Lands” work, but you should not get carried away with increasing the strength of the heroes – with a certain number of lives, the hero dies and the game can be started from the place where the codes were used.

We noticed such a cool feature in the game, we will consider that you have a weak hero, when you got to the point that you need to take the shell from the lizards, and of course you want to kill the Green Troll (there are 2 of them near the lizards), so this is what we do, we give to the magician ( or whoever you develop there) is a weak weapon (but your warrior must endure the troll at least 300-320 lives), and we hit from the back with 2 Persians at the same time, but maybe the difference in their blows can be 0.1 fraction of a second. This is actually such a small bug, you can use this even in multiplayer! (The first time it was used there). Good luck! Earn more experience!
“When to take the shell from the lizards” Before you want to take the shell from these creatures, first kill them one by one!

One very interesting point is that on the last map (Jigran) you will not be able to go through the mission of getting things, if you have used (repeatedly) the code not experience before. Since your Kael has a lot of health, Firez, no matter how hard he tries, will not be able to kill her.

If you have not yet a pumped hero, and you want to quickly become strong and powerful, then go to a location with mobs that are stronger than you (do not overdo it), lie down and crush everyone quietly from the back. For this, they give more experience than usual, and, if you are in multiplayer, earn the respect of other players.

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