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May 25, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Darkstar One: Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

If you are at war with cruisers, or with a pirate base, then first demolish the turrets.
Just shoot the turret until it explodes. And then it will be easy to destroy the cruiser itself or the base.

In my opinion, the game is too long. Therefore, the first tip: to save time boarding at the trading station, get a “landing computer”, which can be used after receiving permission to board. It is especially convenient if you are approaching the station not from the dock side. Landing clearance can be obtained at a distance of less than 2 units, after using hotkeys, quickly switch to this landing computer. Only it does not work when transporting contraband. In the game it is better not to waste time on unnecessary things, the plot is very long and it will take a very long time to go through. The main thing is to collect all the artifacts, they are needed for modernization. You need to be careful – sometimes there are two artifacts – after freeing the system from pirates, plus in an asteroid. It happens. The system with the artifact is closed – then you need to look for additional. task, after which they will give the key to this system. Add. tasks are searched for at trading stations.
Second, if you choose a way to make money on trading, then the greatest gain is obtained on the goods at the bottom of the list, and if you manage to smuggle it – the maximum. For smuggling, it is imperative to purchase and upgrade a police scan silencer. Usually, when flying between systems, I stocked up at the station with export goods, so as not to fly empty. Also, a good way to make money on tasks is a stable income (sometimes the gain from trading is weak), but tasks can be of varying degrees of difficulty. It happens that you can be shot, you have to load the game from the last save. But sometimes it happens that you need to kill one enemy – and the task is completed. If the target that needs to be destroyed asks for help, it is better to help, then it will still thank you and pay “compensation”.
If the system has a lair of pirates, you can try to destroy it by fighting several pirates, then bodyguards and the leader of the gang himself. As it was written above, after the destruction of all enemies on the lair itself, it is convenient to demolish the turrets, after which we calmly shoot it. After the destruction of a gang of pirates, you can get special services weapons: according to their characteristics, they are much better than weapons of the corresponding class. Do not forget to go to the ship equipment menu and connect it later.
The game is convenient because each event appears on the screen as a notification. After notification of a new class of weapon, you need to find a station where you can buy it (usually stations on advanced systems). Always upgrade your weapons in a timely manner, they will greatly help you in battles!

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