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April 21, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

DeathSpank – List of achievements (Achievements) + Tips

Destroyer Of Chickens – 10G
Kill 100 Chickens.
Just kill all chickens in your path. You can get this achievement very quickly at the very beginning of the game, just above the witch’s house there is a large concentration of these birds.
The Day the Music Died – 20G
Kill Sergeant Orc.
This achievement is story-driven, just defeat the Orc. The easiest way to do this is using any powerful magical orbit..
Can’t Kill Me… – 5G
Resurrect in the restroom.
Easiest achievement in the game. You just have to die and then be resurrected in the nearest restroom..
Extermination – 15G
Destroy 3 Grim Queens.
In the city of Plackmackel you need to find the character of the exterminator, his face is shown in the picture of the achievement. He will give you quests to destroy queens.
After confirming the quest, you will receive a whistle from him. You need to find a small stone in the form of a tombstone and whistle near the stone with a whistle. The queen will appear, it remains only to kill her.
Plates location:
1. Greem Camp near Greem Lake
2. Zombie Greem Camp in the Haunted Forest
3. Greem Camp south of Turtle Lake
Man in the hole – 15G
Complete 6 Caver quests.
During the passage of the game, you will come across not large caves, near which there is a speleologist. He will beg you to enter the cave, destroy all living things in it and bring a piece of mineral. Agree to the quest and complete all of the above.
Speleologist’s caves:
1. South of the Haunted Mansion
2.Northeast of the Demonic Stones
3. Almost exactly north of the Demonic Stones, in the Donkey Fields
4. Swamp, southeast of Rich Cabin’s Cabins
5. Enchanted Forest, near Leprecolony
6. South of the Eyeball Trail Outhouse
Extracurricular Activities – 20G
Complete 50 side quests.
Just complete side quests, there are a lot of them in the game. Basically, if a character has a request for you, an exclamation mark is lit, but it happens that a resident needs to be talked about so that he gives you a quest. The number of side quests completed can be viewed in the Book O’Stats’N’Stuff statistics book.
Justice dispenser – 25G
Kill 2,500 enemies.
You will get this achievement during the game, you don’t need to knock it out on purpose. The number of enemies already defeated can be viewed in the statistics book: Book O’Stats’N’Stuff.
I’m an Addict – 10G
Drink 50 potions.
Easy achievement, just every time your lives are almost zero, use potions to restore them.
Mr. Tough guy – 30G
Reach level 20.
No need to specifically swing. Just by going through the game, complete all the main and side missions, and also clear the entire area on which you go and you will get the twentieth level towards the end of the game.
Underground Subway – 15G
Find all 30 restrooms.
The restrooms in the game are used as a teleport and resurrection after death. In order to activate it, you just need to walk by. Just explore all the terrain in the game and you will get this achievement..

List of all restrooms:
1 The First
2 Lakeview
3 Slimey
4 Thongly
5 Demon Trail
6 Heybenstance’s
7 Orqueish
8 Bobblewood’s
9 Dumpster
10 Pluckmuckel
11 Unicorn
12 Enchanted
13 Talking Tree
14 Eyeball Trail
15 Monastery
16 Swamp
17 Rich Cabin’s
18 Web Filled
19 Haunted
20 Graveyard
21 Dam
22 Haunted Lake
23 Royal Realm
24 Wizard
25 Roadside
26 Ima Strunken
27 Orque Town
28 Wretched
29 Castle Bridge
30 Von Prong
Menu Hero – 10G
Free Good, Defeat Evil.
During the game, go to the menu, then to Settings, Global Game Settings and set the Good slider all the way to the right and Evil all the way to the left. Exit the menu and the achievement will be unlocked.
Take back the knight – 25G
Kill Mister von Prong.
This is a story achievement. To fight Von Prong, you need to make a special sword. Yubrik can forge it, but this will require materials:
– 3×3 Green Plain Felt
– Demonic Ore
– Lord von prong’s hair
A hefty dragon will appear in the orc den where you defeated the Orc Sergeant. Defeat him and talk to Fran. You need to buy 3×3 Green Plain Felt from him.
Then go to the demonic cave and dig 10 Demonic Ore there with the pickaxe. Then, head to Orc City, for Prong’s hair. You need to steal his wig from the museum in the upper part of the city, but the wig is guarded by two orcs. Just turn on the player located in the museums and listen to the songs until you hear the sound of breaking glass. Leave the museum and talk to the watchmaker who is nearby, his watch has broken. He will ask you what time it is, you should inflate him and name the time for lunch. Once the orc guards have run away for lunch, grab the Lord Von Prong’s Hair wig and return to Jubrik to make a sword. Then to the castle, weigh to Mr. von Pron.

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