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December 11, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Devil May Cry 4: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the 2nd mission, when you need to soak the boss, use the Nero arm stretch to fly up to the head and hit with the sword, don’t let us go too low.

In Dante Mission 10, it’s best to hit with the devil’s hand. After being captured, they fight for 2 seconds, then cross their weapons. During crossing, you need to constantly press the devil’s grip button.

When you are fighting bosses, especially Sanctus (a bearded old man), accumulate 2 – 4 (depending on the difficulty) bottles of holy water. Swinging your sword a little, use water, then the boss will lose protection (it will be hard to breathe or dim), and you can deal many deadly blows. To inflict even more damage, enter the demon mode, then the blows from DANTE (!) Will be stronger, and the grip of the demonic hand from Nero (!) Will be tougher.

Missions with a dice can be completed much faster and without losses (lives and nerves). Let’s say you need to roll 3 on the dice. To do this, wait for 3 to appear on the upper side – then hit the dice with a demonic hand. If done correctly, 3 will be rolled.

In mission 4, when you fight in Demon Toad, there is a way to hurt her very badly.
After hard blows, she will get tired and freeze. Grab her tongue, climb into her mouth and press the sword, after a while the hero will pierce the toad through.

Starting at 10th level (normal level), you can (and most likely will) use a special attack. Two Bianco Angelo led by Alto Angelo flock together and form a kind of portal where energy is accumulated and after a while from where a very powerful attack will be delivered.
You can avoid it this way (the method is rather complicated in practice, but very useful):
at the moment when the energy is accumulated and the charge will fly into you, you should turn on the DevilTrigger. If the attack time coincides with the trigger animation time, then the attack will be reflected. You will not receive a single drop of damage, and the enemies around will be destroyed. Plus, for this technique we immediately get the maximum level of style (Smokin ‘Sick Style !!!), which is taken into account in My History.

When fighting Echidna, a lot of damage can be taken when she “gives birth” to the eggs of other demons. But it is necessary to beat on her body, and not on the reproductive organ of offspring. We jump up and actively strike with the sword.
Dante acts.
In the case of Nero, this can be used if you find it difficult to use your hand. If you have enough DevilTrigger, then it’s better to turn it on and still use your hand. In parallel, you can load the pistol and release the button after the hand animation. Then there will be a powerful shot from the Blue Rose, plus a hit with summoned swords.

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