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April 9, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Devil May Cry 4: Tips and Tricks

In the 2nd mission, when you need to soak the boss, use the Nero arm stretch to fly up to the head and hit with the sword, don’t let us go too low.


In Dante Mission 10, it’s best to hit with the devil’s hand. After being captured, they fight for 2 seconds, then cross their weapons. During crossing, you need to constantly press the devil’s grip button.
During the passage you will have to play dice a couple of times. There is a way to easily skip these places. While the cube is spinning, we count how many steps we need to take to the finish line or white point. Then you need to hit the cube with your hand exactly at the moment when the required number is on its upper edge. If everything is done correctly, this is exactly how many points will be dropped..

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