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October 30, 2020
28 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Dishonored: Advice (as stealthy as possible)

Dishonored: the most stealthy walkthrough
Without one kill and unnoticed.

The highest chic in Dishonored is not only to go through all the levels without anyone noticing you, but also to leave as few corpses as possible (get the checkboxes “no killed” and “ghost” at the end of the chapter). In our walkthrough, we will tell and show just such, the most difficult option.

Introductory chapter. Innocent convicted.

After the assassination attempt on the Empress, they undeservedly put us behind bars. The guard brings a loaf of bread, noting that it was passed on by friends. Under it is the key to our camera. It is a sin not to use it. We grab the sword lying on the table, which we do not need, and head to the guards. We are waiting for the two to disperse to their posts, and we attack the guard standing with his back to us (by default – the “Ctrl” button). It is worth noting that, attacking from the back, Korvo does not strangle his opponents, but only presses them on the carotid artery and they go to the fairy-tale world of dreams, while snoring sweetly. So our hands stay clean.

We drag the body into the shade and when the patrol returns to its original place, we sneak into the room in front, climb the ledges to the upper floor and steal the key from the walking path from the guard behind the door. There is nowhere to turn around, so we quietly go forward along the corridor and put another caretaker to sleep. Our task is to find explosives. She is behind the interrogation room, in the safe. We hide the bomb in our pocket and go into the lattice door, where two sentries are enthusiastically discussing.

We make our way to the stairs through the dark nooks and fall into the wing of the post. We continue to hide in the shadows and turn off the patrolman when he reaches the iron gate. Then we go into the nearest door (be careful – there is also a patrol), pull the lever, open the gate, put two more guards to sleep, put explosives and – here it is – freedom! We jump into the river, make our way through the sewers, trying not to become a dinner for rats, along the way we find a crossbow, and, finally, we breathe fresh air deeply.

Chapter one. Supreme Overseer.

At the base, we received the first magical ability – the ability to teleport a short distance. It is also very good to immediately pump the ability to see through walls. Right there, at the base, with the help of the heart we need to find a rune – we need to learn the ability to inhabit animals, and it requires as many as three runes.

So, before us is a cloudy pier. We follow the patrolman. When he stops, we neutralize him and, just in case, we drag him into the alley to the right – no one in their right mind will probably stick their nose into this place. A local madwoman, Staraya Rags, beats cups in the same place. We teleport to her on the balcony, take the rune and leave. You can take a couple of tasks from her, but they all require bloodshed from us, so we get out of this hole and head to Clovering Boulevard in any way we want..
We need to go through a wall of light (a gate that hits very painfully with electricity). They are powered by a can of fuel, it would be logical to disconnect it. The only problem is the guards, but they are often distracted by something. You just need to wait until they once again set off in a crowd to fight crime, and at that moment, without hesitation, run into the courtyard, grab the rune in the gatehouse and enter the next zone – Holder’s Square.

Before us is Keeper Martin, who is guarded by only one guard. Good night. We release Martin and go to the building of the checkpoint on the left, and then go out into the street and go down into the sewer. Do not be afraid – there are no rodents here. After playing Gordon Freeman, we go upstairs and go to the kennel. In order not to attract too much attention, from the shelter we teleport to the nearest doorway, and there we put into practice our new ability – the introduction into animals. We try on a furry rat skin and climb into the ventilation. Once in the dog’s chamber (to our luck, empty), we climb onto the upper pipes, go out into the corridor and head towards the office. It is advisable to check the location of the guard with X-ray vision.

So, we are in the Office of the Supreme Overseer. There are a lot of guards here, she is constantly moving, so you should wait until the patrolman, who is keeping order on the stairs, descends to the very bottom. With the help of the teleport we climb the stairs, climbing the railing, and, hiding under the tables and actively using the miracle vision, we make our way into the cozy library. We read the instructive book “On the stigma of heretics” and heading for the office, where Keeper Campbell and Captain Carlow will come any minute to enjoy the wonderful taste of first-class wine. Perhaps we will break their plans and break the glasses – we are against alcohol!

However, Campbell has a whole wine cellar in the basement. He invites his companion to follow there. We follow them. We’ll have to go through the familiar ladder patrolman again. You can get to the stairs, reincarnated as a rat, but we still won’t last until the basement door in her skin – you need to use the teleport and carefully monitor the movement of the sentries. Once in the basement, we wait until Campbell begins to show the captain his collection of paintings and, when he turns away, grabs the sword. We pounce on Campbell from behind. We grab the rune from the showcase and drag the caretaker’s body back – up the stairs. Do not forget about the tables – we are absolutely invisible under them. Even with the future heretic snoring on our shoulders.

We drag Campbell into the interrogation room, sit down on a chair and put on it the stigma of a heretic. For a start, you can turn off the nearest patrolman – he can come running to shout and sound the alarm. We get out into the window opposite the left door, we go along the ledges, we reach the iron gate and go downstairs. Passing the security, we go to the backyard. There we can help a local resident, whose sister the guards were going to send to the fire. We load sleeping darts into the crossbow and wish good dreams to the villains.

We go to the pier, where the boatman Samuel is waiting for us. You can get there either in the form of a rat, or with a key that glitters on the belt of a guard wandering nearby. On the roofs we get to the chain and go down to the boat. Done!

Chapter 2. House of Pleasure.

The second chapter takes us back to the familiar harbor. Do not rush to go to the brothel – first, let’s look at the bandits in the Distillery. They are already waiting for us there. We speak with Slekjov, take the task from him and go to the office of Dr. Galvani. Do not try to take a shortcut and enter the first alley – the assassins have already successfully settled there, and it is impossible to pass them unnoticed. You can, of course, shoot them with sleep darts … but why? There are other options as well. You go to the house where Old Rags tested Newton’s laws on kitchen utensils, climb onto the “bridge”, which, apparently, protects the pipe hidden under it from corrosion, then to the next one. From it we teleport to the ledge on the other side of the wall (moreover, in a jump – otherwise the teleport will not reach), and from there we get to the roof. We get to the balcony through the ventilation shaft, where the guard misses lonely, and we go into the building.

So we are at Dr. Galvani’s office. The goal is simple – you need to steal an audio recording of one blind man, which is in the laboratory. Go to the door on the right, which is opposite the fireplace. Rats roam in the room and, luckily enough, there is a very comfortable ventilation that will lead us to the main hall. We go along the spiral staircase to the top floor – there are few sentries here, you can easily go unnoticed. On the right, behind the glass door, two guards are having a nice conversation about something – they may notice us, so it’s better to take a detour. At the very end there is a cozy closet with blood-red lighting, a bathtub and accessories for experiments on poor rats. Let’s wait until the guards stop fluttering their tongues, and as soon as one steps aside and the other begins to look at the scribbles on the board with an important look, grab the evidence and get out of this place.

In the same way we return to the bandits’ camp. Slekjov offers us a tempting offer. We get him the key to the safe, and he fulfills the mission for which we came here again. That is, it eliminates the Pendleton twins for us. There are two fewer problems. Now heading for the brothel.
Again in a familiar way we get to the same office of Dr. Galvani, only now we go down to the foundation of the building and go to the slums, where crying howls. We turn left and go up the stairs. There you will meet a woman from whom two thugs are trying to take something away – if you want, help by shooting them with sleep darts. But the main thing now is to get to the Captain’s Bridge Hotel. We got the key, so it’s not a problem to get there. The building is clearly no longer a guest, the hotel is filled with rats. We go up the stairs to the roof.

Here we are in the territory of the Golden Cat. We keep heading to the left, to the roof of the gazebo, and from there we climb onto the balcony, where the guard also misses everything. To fulfill Slekjov’s request, go to the interrogation room, where an art dealer is chained to a metal chair. He’s not really a criminal, it’s just that such a service is included in the menu of a local brothel – the local prostitute will only be happy to give a good electric shock to anyone who wants to. In general, the merchant, who does not see anything behind the black band, at first takes us for a prostitute, so we are not ashamed, push the lever harder until he realizes that we have not come to realize his erotic fantasies. We demand the code from the safe and the merchant willingly gives it to us.

And now we go to madam’s office. The best way is through the already familiar balcony, where we climb onto the ledge and find an open window. The door to the study on the floor below. Madame is enthusiastically poking around in the papers – we steal the universal key from her and read the “Golden Cat’s Book of Visitors”. We learn that Emily is kept upstairs in a locked room. We are heading there, we save the girl and together with her we go out to the backyard. Ahead is the door to the backyard of the Wine Quarter. We send Emily to the boatman. We need to visit Slekjov for the last time..

In a few meters our path will be blocked by several crying ones – it is quite reasonable to use sleeping darts so as not to wait for the moment when the infected will turn away. And along the familiar path we return to the bandits. Slekjov assures that the Pendleton brothers will lose their languages ​​and will plow in the mines for the rest of their lives, but we, with a sense of accomplishment, make our way to the pier to Samuel.

Chapter 3. The Royal Healer.

We are ordered to kidnap Sokolov, a local scientist. He is in his house, and we have to get there. From the pier we go up the stairs and, before reaching the end, we teleport to the staircase on the right. We go to the very top and run into the building. We climb along the ledges to the billboard, and, keeping to the right side, we reach the door. We go up the stairs again, grab the key from the warehouse, go downstairs, open the door on the right and sig into the water.

We swim to the pier, where some boxes are loaded. Slightly higher – pipes, we climb on them and wait until the patrolman goes in the opposite direction. We follow him and turn left. We enter the door and find ourselves in Drobridge. Here two officers will talk – it is worth waiting until they turn away towards the sea, and then make your way to the street. Turn left, look for an open window in the building and climb there.

Ahead is a protected area and there is a shocker. It is pointless to go there. So get out through the other window on the right and get down to the pier. Swim under the bridge and get out on the other side. Up the stairs, teleport to the bridge (not the main one, but the smaller one, on the side of it). We go into the lodge, take out the tank with blubber (it turns off the shocker on the floor above) and go upstairs. Be careful – there are guards everywhere, but they have a habit of constantly turning their backs on us. We stomp to the very top – you can also get there by a chain. Climb into the observation booth and pull the lever. The bridge in front of you will rise. Climb onto it and reach the tower. On the floor a little higher from you there is a cage with two connected tanks – take them out, go right and jump into the water. Fall high. Having passed under the bridge (carefully – there are some flower beds hanging there, spitting green rubbish), we climb the stairs, jump over the fence and walk to the Midrow substation.

From the room illuminated by the sunlight, we go out onto the roof, and teleport to the right side, without attracting the attention of the sentry vigilantly watching the surroundings. And from there we teleport to the balcony and get to the wall of light. We need to turn it off. Approaching it almost close, you can teleport to the iron contraption sticking out of the building, and thus bypass the fence and take out the tank with blubber. We enter the disabled wall of light and go to a new location – Kaldwin’s bridge.

Sokolov’s house is almost nearby. We turn into a dirty alley on the right and climb onto the roof of the building, from which we can clearly see a chain hanging from the scientist’s dwelling. We get to her, crawl up and climb into the attic. Sokolov is immersed in research – we come up from behind and put him to sleep. A woman sits in a cage, over whom an evil genius conducted experiments – you can free her. We put Sokolov on our mighty shoulders. It remains only to get to Samuel’s boat – it is very close. To get to it, it is enough to go down the stairs a little lower and teleport to the roof of the building opposite, from there climb into the abandoned house and jump down to the pier we need.

Chapter 4. Lady Boyle’s reception.

Masquerade is on the agenda! True, we were not invited to it, but this is fixable. But we already have a cool mask. So, we jump into the water, get to the stairs and stomp forward, passing the first bridge. The second bridge, located a little further away, is not particularly guarded – along it we reach the gate and climb into the courtyard. You can hide the sword and not slouch – here you will be mistaken for one of them. When the woman drops the invitation, grab it, show it to the gatekeeper and go inside.

On the way you will meet Lord Shaw – you can give him Lord Pendleton’s note, and then Shaw will challenge you to a duel. You will be given a pistol and asked to take a position, but so that the kill does not count, take out the crossbow with sleep darts – no one will notice the catch.

We go into the ballroom. On the doorstep you will be greeted by a richly set table, drinks … but, alas, we did not come here to have fun. After chatting with a couple of guests, find Lord Brisby – he is wearing a terrible cat mask, as if escaped from Tim Burton’s fairy tales. It’s hard to miss this. He will tell you the name of the Lady Boyle, which you must eliminate, and make you an offer – we must somehow deliver our target to the basement and hand it over to Brisby.

Note that the name of Lady Boyle is generated differently for each player, as is her character. However, the procedure for “catching” her is approximately the same. We, for example, her name was Esma.
After a dialogue with Brisby, we are looking for Miss White – she is in a dragonfly mask. Treat her to a drink by pouring a glass of sparkling wine from the same table you saw at the entrance, and she will happily tell you which Lady Boyle is wearing what. Ours was wearing a white dress. After a short conversation, Boyle invited us to visit her room. Having reached a deserted place, we send the lady into a deep sleep. It remains only to get to the basement, somehow slipping past the guard and servants.

In some cases, by the way, Boyle herself goes to this basement after talking to us – that’s how lucky you are. We had to drag her there on our own hump, which made the task more difficult.

You can pick up the moment when the guard leaves for the kitchen and quietly go downstairs, or you can just slow down time (the first level of the “Time Bend” ability) and calmly walk past him – he will not have time to suspect anything. As soon as we find ourselves in the basement and transfer the snoring body into reliable hands, we go out into the catacombs, jump into the water and swim to Samuel’s boat until the gate is closed (if the gate is almost closed and / or you have been bitten by piranhas, transform into a fish and slip into the gap ).

Chapter 5. Return to the Tower.

Our next target is Lord Regent Burroughs. But first you need to get into Dunwall’s tower. By the way, the one in which the game began. You won’t be able to enjoy only picturesque sunsets and green gardens, but dirty basements and rat holes are quite.

In general, we jump from the boat into the water, sail into the lock and climb up. There will be a door ahead, screaming for people to enter it – do not succumb to the temptation, for then you will have three seconds to live. Look around, and you will see a hole through which you can get out to the outer side of the fortress, and there, through the pipes, it is easy to get to the very territory of the Tower. Climb over the wall and go under the arch – the one where the giant iron archer is wandering. Hide behind walls and he won’t notice you.

Go up the stairs and climb onto the unfinished roof, and then climb over the fence and turn right. Ahead is an already disconnected (or broken) wall of light. What a luck. Go to the end, and on the left you will see a hole – climb there and climb up the woods (make sure in advance where the patrolman is). After passing a couple of meters forward along the path, there will be a staircase to your right – go along it to the very end, to the cliff, and teleport to the ledge of the building. Follow it to reach the mine, which leads directly to the Tower lobby..

There is a huge hall in front of you, and below General Tobias chatting about something with the Lord Regent. Thus, which we need. But they will not stand there forever, but will soon go about their business, so do not wait and go left until we run into an unremarkable room with rats. We move into one of them, run forward and through the hole we find ourselves in the very heart of the building, where it is full of guards and servants.

A funny phenomenon can be observed there. A guard will walk along the corridor with a blubber tank on his shoulder. The same corridor is on guard and a patrolman. If you wait until both guards are next to each other, and at this moment look out so that the first one (who has a barrel on his shoulders) sees you, he will drop a blubber and it will explode, killing both. At the same time, this will not be counted as murder to us, and the security will not turn on the alarm – after all, it’s just an accident, with whom it does not happen.

So, carefully go forward, through the door into which the guard with blubber wanted to enter. There will be a staircase in front of you. To get past the sentries, you should pause time and actively use the teleport. Once on the second floor, turn left, into the corridor with the green path, and from there make your way into, apparently, the reception room, where there is a coffee table with mugs. There will also be a door to the Lord Regent’s room, but you cannot enter it – it is locked.

So go through the door nearby that leads to the broadcast station. There will be a shocker – if you slow down time and jump down, then you will not receive any harm. Pull out the blubber tank and the shocker will shut off. Now go along the stairs to the very top of the station. There will be a propaganda officer who will tell you how you can end Burroughs without getting your hands dirty. It is enough just to steal the compromising tape from his safe. He will even tell us the code – how convenient!

It remains only to get to this very safe. He’s in the Lord Regent’s room, so exit the broadcast station and jump onto the balcony from Burroughs’ room. He is already at home – we knock out the lord, steal the audiogram, return to the officer from the station and turn on the recording louder. Now we go down to the very bottom of the station, go out into the lobby, using the key that hangs right next to the door, and climb back into the already familiar mine. The boatman can be reached the same way that we came here..

Chapter 6. The flooded quarter.

So do good deeds. Our “friends”, who kindly gave us shelter at their base, poisoned us and threw us into some kind of barrel or cistern. We covered it with boards and inadvertently left a pile of bricks below. We break the boards with them, get out and head up the stairs. The building is patrolled by assassins – we don’t catch their eye, we get to the balcony and dive into the water.

In principle, you can first go to get your equipment, but this is not necessary – we will no longer need it. Swim to the left side of the block and you will see a hanging chain, along which you can climb onto the bridge. From it we go down the stairs and see a cozy courtyard. Assassins roam the rooftops. The difficulty is that they are constantly teleporting from place to place, it is difficult to keep track of them. When you see the guard on the roof of the building on the right, wait for him to walk in your direction, while you, meanwhile, go around him from behind, steal the key and quickly get to the door that leads to the center of Radshore.

There are a lot of guards here, at first it may seem that it is unrealistic to pass by. But there is a very convenient workaround. We jump into the water and turn left into a narrow alley. We swim forward, keeping to the left side. We get to the public garden, where a bunch of advertisements are posted. We climb up, through the balcony we enter the building. We go forward, we go into the next house, and from there, reaching the very edge, we teleport to the destroyed structure and go down to the lower level. We get to the building where Daoud hid and climb into the window.

There will be two guards talking. In the next room, through which we need to get to the street, there are also a lot of guards. It is best to get into a rat and run past the guard – the charge is just enough. Once in the courtyard surrounded by walls, we teleport to the window on the second floor. In this room, too, a guard scurries back and forth, but there is enough room for maneuver to pass unnoticed. Enter the doors on the right side of the hall and hide behind the cabinet near the stairs.

Now comes the fun part. We must steal the wallet from Daud’s belt, and in addition grab the key that is hanging on his desk. The fire is added by the guard, who stands a stone’s throw from our target. Here you need to collect all your reaction. We are waiting for Daud to turn his back on us and walk towards the wall with leaflets. At this very moment, we slow down time and teleport directly to the feet of Daud. We quickly grab the wallet from his belt and the key, and we move into the doorway near the guard. If you did everything quickly enough, then the time dilation will not have time to pass, and no one will notice you.

Once on the street, do not protrude, but immediately teleport down. You will fall just near the window through which you can get into the tunnel. Check the location of the guards, climb through the window and go down the chain. You will find yourself in some kind of ritual basement. We unlock the grate with Daud’s key – we are in the Flooded Quarter. Not the most pleasant place. It is here that the corpses of those infected with the plague are dumped. Go to the left edge, there will be many abandoned buildings. Hiding behind their walls, these “archers on stilts” will not see you. Go to the very end, straight to the gate. Pull the lever and go inside. Ahead is a wall of light. You can turn it off by pulling out the canister at the top – you can climb there along the chain.

Heading to the Old Port Suburbs. Here it is deserted, in the vicinity only mourners wander. Through the dilapidated buildings we get to the descent into the catacombs and open the hatch. Here you can finally relax – peaceful people are hiding below. Only vile creatures hanging from the walls, shooting some green muck, can break the fiesta. You can easily run past them. Walk forward through the tunnel and find the exit from the catacombs.

Chapter 7. Loyalists.

We meet our old friend Cecilia, who was almost brought to a heartbreak by her appearance. And it is not surprising – during our adventures, a lot has changed here, and our cozy base was still captured. After Cecilia introduces you to the course of the matter, go outside, not forgetting to grab the two keys hanging near the door, and try to sneak into the bar unnoticed. There is a document on the bar – unnoticed by two talkative guards, grab it (under the bar, if anything, you can hide) and go out to the other side of the street (through the door that leads to the pier).

Go to the right, go out through the lattice door and climb along the ledges and vents into the building where Falcon and Pierrot hid. They will ask you to get blueprints that will help you launch a special machine that can eliminate the invaders. Why not? We don’t care along the way. Climb onto the roof and enter the adjacent building through the window. Actually, we got into our own room, which, however, is patrolled by two guards. Grab a note from the table and hide under the table – wait for a convenient moment and leave the room.

Go down two floors below, pick up Pierrot’s drawings from the trash can, and return to the scientists’ hideout. It remains only to choose what exactly you want to do with the invaders (in our case, simply paralyze, but you can incinerate, but the victims will be oh-ho) and put the tank with blubber into the mechanism. Knock on Callista’s door, fire your flare, and forward to Samuel’s boat.

Chapter 8. Guiding beacon.

Well, it’s time to save the princess and deal with the dragon. In the role of the dragon – the pathetic traitor Admiral Havelock. When Sameul gives you a lift to place X for the last time, you have two paths to the lighthouse – the entrance from the sea side and the entrance from the harbor side. We went the following way.

We go to the right and jump into the sea, swim to the place where a huge pipe peeps out of the wall. We climb into it, climb up the chain, go out into the street and go into the next door. Along the corridor we get to the valve and open the drain at the guardhouse. We climb into the pipe and find ourselves in the guardroom itself. Now you need to climb higher on the floor and steal the key – this is very easy to do if you move into a rat and, in its guise, run up the steps past the guard. And then you can climb to the very top along the chain and jump onto the stairs that lead to the bridge.

Ahead is a shocker – it is best to teleport under the bridge, and from there climb the stairs and reach the lift. When the elevator brings us to the right place, all that remains is to bypass the patrol – the guards constantly turn their backs on us, so it is not difficult to slip past. We go into the lighthouse, we get close to Havelock, we put him to sleep, we expel the future empress from prison.

Everything, the game is completed, we enjoy the good ending!

All missions were completed with zero kills and a “Ghost” rating, only three Level I skills were learned: “Invasion”, “Time Bend” and “Dark Sight”. It is possible to complete this game as quietly as possible and without using any special abilities at all (except for the basic teleport). We showed just one of the many ways of passing. Experiment, find secret passages and come up with your own, unique tactics – this game is able to amaze and remain fresh even after a dozen replay.

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