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May 11, 2020
8 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Doom Eternal: Save Game (Useful Game Tips)

1.General Tips

1.1.There is a very annoying bug in a fresh game. When you have passed part of the levels, and something was not taken there. Turn on cheats and pass the level on a new one, ALWAYS disable cheats, when you return to the story company. For with the further passage of the celestial keys disappear, the game thinks that you are playing with cheats (although the first passage of the levels does not allow the cheats to work). The only way to fix this is to disable cheats and go through the levels again until the tests.

1.2 The game keeps even small progress. Those. level passed, but missed one random battle. We start the level on a new one, we reach this random battle, we go through the battle, and you can leave the level. Progress will be saved, it is not necessary to complete the level completely.

1.3 This is another tasty bonus. Lives can be accumulated at the levels already passed. And even using cheats will leave you those lives. Those. before the next story level, we return to the level of “Glee” (the most convenient level) On it, in 5-7 minutes, you can fill 3-4 lives. Running from the beginning of the level to the throne of King Leoric will bring you 4 life.

1.4 In the same way, the abilities of the master weapon levels are swinging. For to fulfill the requirements of the master level, in the heat of plot companies it does not work out very well, there are too tough mixes. It is more convenient at the levels already passed with cheats. (only see clause 1.1)

1.5 Do not put the last difficulty level. Especially if you haven’t been playing dynamic action games for a long time. The apparent lightness in the beginning, towards the middle / end will show you the Oblamingo bird. Doom came out very, very dynamic, over the past couple of years I don’t remember such dynamic action games. It will be very difficult from habit. If you don’t want to break the gamepad / keyboard out of anger, and scold the game that it is a scribe how difficult, set it to normal difficulty. And after passing it will be possible to try and test yourself.

1.6. When you reach the level of Nekravol in the story, the game will warn you that you will not come back again, gain 20-25 lives. Because you have to run through 4 levels in a row + battle with the final boss. Try not to spend more than 3-4 lives for the level, if you see that you spent more, start the level from the beginning, not from the control point, namely from the beginning.

1.7. At your base “Stronghold of Doom”, first of all, open the Stones of the Guardians, then the modification of weapons and runes, and then the costumes. Also, don’t forget that there are two hidden secrets with cheat codes in your database..

1.8 Most secrets are revealed in the same small place where he himself is. Those. there is no chip, in order to get the secret at the beginning of the level, you need to go to the end of the level and pick up some key / code / item and go back with it. If you could not take the secret, then you simply did not notice a crack / wall / button somewhere nearby. Also, do not forget about a very detailed map and fast travel in the final of any level.

1.9 After heated battles, look around. The elaboration of the environment is simply amazing, there is something to admire.

2.Recommendations on weapons and modifications

2.1. Combat Shotgun. Immediately rock the Sticky Bombs. Master level for 5 grenades is cool. Alas, “Burst shooting” is sadness, there is simply not enough cartridges for it (.

2.2.Heavy cannon. Unambiguously immediately swing “Precision Shooting”. For until Ballista (rails) sniper rifles will not exist at all. And “Micro missiles” after the appearance of the Machine Gun, generally lose their relevance.

2.3. Laser gun. “Thermal shock” – it will fit well near, and you do not need to hold on the target.

2.4. Rocket launcher. !!!Homing !!! As soon as the opportunity arises, immediately improve “Fast Homing”. It’s a pity the master level, threshing floor (Three rockets smear the “Scourge” at a time.

2.5. Super shotgun. There is only one swing option, relevant towards the end of the game.

2.6. Ballista (Rail). “Arcballista”. It comes out very powerfully, and the master level allows you to halve the weapon charge.

2.7. Machine gun. Two improvements are very good. But “Machine gun turret” – death to enemies. Most of the random battles took place with this improvement. The main thing is that there are enough cartridges.

2.8.1. BFG-9000. Good against crowds of enemies. It’s a pity the charges are taken only in certain places and against bosses – ineffective.

2.8.2. Uncarnate. The second mode of the BFG-9000. Good against bosses and enemies. The trouble is the same – there are very few charges. Use exclusively on the boss and very strong opponents. But if there are a lot of enemies and knocked down a bunch, BFG is still Dad.

2.9. Doom Blade. Only 3 charges … (Only against famous opponents: Archvil, Baron of Hell, etc..

 3.Recommendations for armored suit.

Guardian Crystals.

Take the ammo and health bonus first, armor last. Estessno better to take in pairs to get a special bonus. It is a pity that worth special bonuses, well, 2-3. Some of the most useful ones are: Quick Belcher / Supply Magnet / Shards from Belcher.


Research Tab – Item Finder (makes it easier to find secrets).

Main Features Tab – Booster Overload / Kill & Run.

Then you can take Cryogranates or whatever you want, here it is already for an amateur.


4.Rune recommendations.

It seems there are as many as 9 of them, but useful … not many. The first, probably, “Thirst for Blood” allows you to accelerate after a brutal murder and jump out of the meat grinder, in which you were jammed. Then “Hit and tear” a powerful blow leaves life, a little, but sometimes very helpful. The third is already as my soul lies, I had a “Saving Throw” (alas, it rolls back only after death), “Walk of Thunder” and by the end of the game, of course, “Chrono-strike” with Kang the Creator is much easier).

 5 monsters and bosses.

Carefully read / watch the information about the enemies, it is done very well and will greatly facilitate the task of exterminating them.

  • “Scourge” – Nimble pasque * a. Helps out a homing rocket launcher, a super shotgun and cryogrenades.
  • Pinky / Ghost – Very powerful blow helps, penetrates the frontal armor.

Top Infernal Fart Breakers:

  • “Archvil”. Appears in the last levels. Constantly summons monsters and empowers them. Their yellow silhouettes immediately appear, and then monsters. KILL FIRST, sparing no cartridges. Help Flare Gun (Homing), Machine Gun (Turret), Doom Blade.
  • “Marauder”. Super Shotgun and Ballista (Arcballista) are very good against him. Keep an average distance with him and, if possible, clear the area before the fight. For catching good moments for an attack, when shells are flying at your back, is so-so (
  • “Tyrant” It does not summon monsters, but it has enormous firepower and hp. Kill – Blade of Doom, or BFG-9000.

Boss Fight

Kang the Creator.

I advise the Flare Gun with homing, alas, two volleys are not enough, you need three (Also, Heavy cannon with accurate shooting (remove its guards and get cartridges) And the Chrono-strike rune for aiming the heads of guards in flight. the battle phase, there are almost no safe zones.

Icon of Sin.

Do not stand in one place for a long time, you will immediately get bream. Do not use long aiming weapon modes, again because of the bream and a large number of small opponents. From weapons: Plasma gun with a thermal shock, Machine gun with a mobile turret, Unraveler. From runes, “Hit and tear” helped a lot. In the first phase of the battle, he constantly used a powerful blow, which allowed him to quickly restore HP. Cryogrenades are good too. It is better to disassemble the boss: the bottom of the press, fists and then everything else, otherwise it becomes very inconvenient to destroy these parts in the 7-8 subphase.

The tactics were as follows. Phase 1. Rune “Hit and Tear” “Bloodlust”. We kill medium monsters with a powerful blow, on the weak we respawn lives / armor / partons, we do not touch the strong (we just run away from them). We attack the boss with short bursts, constantly changing position. We disassemble the boss, as described above.

Phase 2. Leave the runes the same. Only now we don’t touch the average monsters, we chop the strong monsters with the Blade of Doom (if there are still ones left, just run away), we respawn on the weak ones. In this phase, we just run in a circle, shoot at the boss, cut the monsters with a blade and constantly charge the blade. At the boss, immediately shoot the abs and fists, so it’s more convenient to the final subphases.

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