Dragon Age 2: Tip (How to Increase Influence on Satellites Using the Console)

1.) How to open the console ?

Right click on the shortcut of the game (if not, create it) and select properties. Add the following line in the game path 


It should look like this: “.. \ Dragon Age 2 \ bin_ship \ DragonAge2.exe” -enabledeveloperconsole. Save changes.

To open the console in the game, press the tilde key (~ \ ё). By default, the console interface is invisible. Enter the command and press Enter, to just close the console, you also need to press Enter.

2.) What teams can increase the influence on satellites in Dragon age 2?

Runscript zz_ (satellite short name) _debug  – change the relationship with the companion in the game

for instance Runscript zz_fen_debug (fen – Fenris)

When you enter the above command (if you did everything correctly, the dialog menu in English will open (screenshot in the comments), open the Change approval or romance – Add approbal option and select one of the following values, for example Low adds +5 friendship points, to add rivalry points select the Remove option approval.

Rivalry – rivalry
friendship – friendship
Low relationship – Low – adds 5 points to rivalry or friendship
Average relationship – Medium – adds 10 units
High relationship – High – adds 15 units
Friend – Friend – adds 50 units to the level of friendship
Trusted friend – Trusted – adds 100 points to the level of friendship
Rival – Rival – adds 50 points to the level of rivalry
Sworn rival – Crisis – adds 100 points to the level of rivalry

P.S now you can take companions into the team for any tasks, regardless of what impact your choice will have on relations with them, see the reaction to decisions that they do not like and choose the dialogues you like with any character.

P.S.S. I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND you to make a novel through the console and immediately add 100 influence points at the first meeting, this can bug your game and scripts.

The console command is absolutely working, it is checked, if something does not work out for you, change the layout or check if you activated the console correctly.!

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