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November 16, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Dragon Age / Origins: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Passing the test (to collect the bridge) at the top of the mountain:

2 right side, 3 and 6 left; we pass up to 2 cells,
3 left goes to 4 right, 2 right to 1 left; move to cell 3,
6 left goes to 5 right, 4 right to 5 left, we reach the end.

And voila, the bridge is tricky!

When completing the quest of the Blackstone Volunteers, one of the deserters is not in the Brecilian forest, as they say in the assignment, but on the pier, on the shore of Lake Calenhad.

It is best to go through the quest “Anvil of the Void” [deep tunnels under Orzammar] with Sheila – the golem, because there will be an interesting plot twist and then another side mission will open (Premium Content Missions! Sheila needs to be revived first!).

When passing the tower of magicians, on the first floor in the library, you can find a note describing the summoning rituals and perform the three summoning rituals described in the note. If you are careful, then in the next room (central, with a staircase to the second floor) you can find the “fourth call”. There is no recipe for his awakening in the codex, but you can fulfill this call for the sake of extra experience if:
1) click on the power font;
2) use the items indicated in the ritual of the first call in the order in which they are indicated in the ritual;
3) repeat point 2 for the ritual of the second call, then the third call;
4) click on the flame of the fourth call.
The Summoned Creation is the embodiment of developer humor.

In the same tower you can collect a text like “a bowl, a sword up, a sword down, a statue of a warrior – and a mighty demon will be free.” This is an indication of a room with three statues (do not miss it if you walk with a clamped tab) on the 3-4th floor (I don’t remember exactly). If you click on the statues in the indicated order, and then touch the statue in the central room on the same floor, the inscription will appear: “A mighty demon broke free on the lower floors.” You go down to the 1st floor, where they found Wynn and other magicians. There you press on the locked door to the basement, a demon of anger appears, you defeat him, gain experience, something else and rejoice.

If, after passing the urn of sacred ashes and killing the dragon, you return to the shelter, then in the garden behind the first house you can find a bunch of monuments with funny inscriptions from the developers. The house you need is the first one on the right side immediately upon entering the village, you won’t pass by if you hold down the tab.

Shadow. Battle with the Demon of Idleness. A small trick to help restore health.
We turn into a golem, we begin to weigh flops to the demon. When your health drops by about a third, we turn into a fiery person. The fiery man has very few lives compared to the golem, so the health scale will be full. We immediately turn back into a golem – and he will be absolutely healthy.

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