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March 10, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Drakensang: The River Of Time: Advice For The Most Patient. How to make a lot of money without hacks

In fact, my advice is pretty stupid. But maybe there are “maniacs” like me, whom he will help.
I figured out a way to get rich by driving the fairies into a circle. True, I cannot say whether the presence of Fairis in the team is necessary for this, because it is she who hears the Elven Forest and notices the fairy, or is it generally a “good bug” that helped me achieve financial well-being. I had Faeris in the squad and noticed the fairy again and again, after the previous successful corral (only I had to leave the location).
Enough of the preludes. Getting started with the algorithm.
In principle, you can start “doing business” from the moment the elves first appear in the location and do it gradually, by periodic arrivals, and not like me, when it’s time to buy a restored helmet from a blacksmith, but 300 ducats in your pocket.
1. (for the first visit to the location) Walk from Talaria to the elf tree, go up to the second floor. The first stage has been completed. Hotspots defined. Go down into the forest along the right branch and find a circle of fairies, explore the area around it more.
2. When you notice the fairy, the most difficult and tedious begins, the fairy pen.
The algorithm is as follows:
We go to the fairy so that she is between you and the circle (we maintain a distance, we do not immediately run up close). The hero, respectively, facing the circle. Try to keep the angle of view between you, the fairy and the center of the circle close to 180 degrees. Now we turn on the sneaking mode (this is important) and begin to approach the fairy (she teleports to another point). In the forum, I read advice that the hero with the best performance should sneak up. I haven’t noticed anything like that. He drove a fairy and a gnome with a sneak of 0, for 5-20 teleports and Chiano with a sneak of 15. At first it seemed to me that there is a strict geometric dependence on the angle of view, the more precisely to 180 degrees to settle, the less the fairy will jump. But no. The creep angle naturally influences the final result, but even with strict adherence to the angle, the number of teleports is “random”. As I already wrote above, you can drive it for 5 and sometimes for 20 teleports.
When the fairy teleports (from the previous place) far, do not waste time, turn on the run, lay a turn to the next place and repeat the procedure. And now “Vivat”! Fairy in a circle. We collect pollen.
3. Teleport to Talaria. The fast travel points have already been defined. We tell the captain to prepare the ship for sailing. We go to the global map. It is important! The location must be left otherwise the fairy may not appear. Further, for the first time, you can sail (for example, to the customs post, it is closer) and go back to get rid of the “ballast” so to speak. Over time, I no longer called the gnome and Chiano with me, only Fairis.
4. Teleport to the elves tree (this is also important). If you teleport immediately to the circle, the fairy will not appear. More precisely, it appears, but does not move. From a certain angle of view, I managed to catch that it hovers in the center of the circle.
5. Coming down from a tree branch into the forest, it is best to move to the right, almost clinging to the rock and straight. Having reached the very top (there are two more crow’s-eye bushes growing there), we turn to the left and after running a little to two small bushes we stop. After a couple of seconds, Faeris notices the fairy. In my case, this happened in the “lion’s share” of cases. If this does not happen, you should not start running chaotically. Move calmly towards the circle. When you reach the circle, stop again. If even now the fairy is not found, calmly go around the circle counterclockwise. But such cases, for me personally, there were maybe 15 times no more.
6. Eureka! Fairy discovered. We repeat the corral procedure, take the pollen and again teleport to Talaria. Now we are preparing to sail, we go out to the global map, but you can no longer swim anywhere, but immediately click back on the location of the elves and appear near Talaria already with Faeris, you no longer have to ask her to join.
Well, then, you can repeat the whole algorithm until you run out of patience. Of course, my story turned out, frankly, not compact. Not everyone has the patience to read it to the end. But remember that reading and understanding is always longer than practicing. “The game is worth the candle”!
On average, it took me 4 to 8 minutes to complete a full circle around one fairy’s pen. A dozen fairies an hour (with smoke breaks)! And there is pollen (I have Chiano traded 16% plus a ring of 5%) 17 ducats apiece.
As they say, think for yourself, decide for yourself. My business is to offer.
Good luck to all.

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