Duke Nukem Forever: Advice (Murder of the Queen Queen_

Many faced the problem of killing a queen on a mission “Queen Mother Bitch” or rather, finishing off … At the beginning of the mission, pick up the grenade launcher from the right staircase, then at the door and there the queen, take the grenades on the right, throw at the incomprehensible blue pieces from which the explosives bounce off the queen and detonate as soon as they get to her, then the uterus opens , then shoot from the grenade launcher, so several times and do not forget to replenish the ammunition on the left, in the same place we hide from the blows and spitting of the leader, then throw grenades again, but in pieces on the left side of the hall, in parallel, do not forget to fend off any creatures that fly from the Queen and sometimes spoil the nerves, then when the uterus is defeated…ATTENTION: THE KICK IS NOT DONE WITH HER PAW! YOU NEED TO JUMP THE FENCE TO THE QUEEN’S MUCH well, there are already familiar “E” and “Space”

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