Dying Light: Advice (Duplicating weapons, how to get the EXPcalibur Sword)

Duplicate weapons:

To duplicate weapons, you need the Throw – Level 4 skill in the Power Skill Menu. Get any expensive weapon (any weapon can be duplicated). Pick this weapon and drop it. Open your inventory (during its flight), discard thrown weapons. After throwing the weapon, the weapon will remain in the inventory. You now have a duplicate of the dropped weapon. Follow these steps as much as you want. You can sell these weapons and get the amount of money you need.

Get Sword EXPcalibur:

The EXPcalibur sword can be caught by accident, but you can also find it in the southeast corner of the map. Find a boat shed on a large lake.
Attention: The blocked bridge should be on your left. Continue along the rocky shore on your right to the very edge. Look around to see a very small island. Go to this island. After reaching this island, find the body holding the sword. The sword collection icon will say, “This EXPcalibur belongs to me.” To collect weapons, keep looking for them.
Note: After collecting the sword, the corpse will ignite. The sword is beyond repair and is very fragile. It will break after a few hits. However, it should be noted that he is very strong and with him you can kill most of the zombies in one hit. Its characteristic improves with your level, so we recommend that you collect it after you have pumped enough.

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