Dying Light: Tip (We get the most useless weapon in the game)

After the quest “Numb face” you will be given an additional mission “Legless Spider”, reach the mission completely, you can get it.

In general, the task is not very difficult, you just need to carry the parcel, and then collect the pieces of the meteorite. By the way, during the assignment, you can find out that it all started from space

“First, a meteorite arrives and then people in suits come and after a couple of days the inhabitants eat each other, do you think this is a coincidence?” David says to whom we were supposed to take the bag that Spider gave us, who has a shot in the leg.

Soon we will receive a large number of survival points and the “Anti-crackle weapon” which David tells us while rubbing our game about the Illuminati who are trying to take over the planet.

He has only 60 rounds, all cartridges fly out only from the additional store, he has zero damage, six rate of fire and zero range, by the way, if you sell it, it will be sold for only $ 763 (without additional skills for sale)

Unfortunately, I don’t remember if you can buy cartridges for it.

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