Dynasty Warriors 6: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)


There are 6 secret horses in total in the game
– The secret horse will only take on its secret form after reaching level 5
– Secret horse up to level 5 can have any name, color and characteristics
– Each secret horse, regardless of level, has a description:
“His eyes consider the world and he has a heavenly physique”
“His eyes look at the world and he has a heavenly constitution”
– Secret Horses are unlocked only at the levels “Yellow Turban Rebellion”, “Battle of Shitin” / “Battle of Shi Ting”, “Battle of Guandu” / “Battle of Guan Du” corporate game, and both the character must be level 50 and have the skill “Lady Luck”, namely: Liu Bei, Guan Ping, Xu Zhu, Zhen Ji / Zhen Ji, Xiao Qiao / Xiao Qiao , Yuan Shao and have horses with the “Find Horse” skill. In this case, it is required to select a stand (see below).

Horse: ???
Mission: Yellow Turban Rebellion
Difficulty level: Easy / Easy
Game: Corporate, both characters must be level 50 with the ability “Lady Luck”, both with horses that have “Find: Horse”
Requirements: Pick up a cage and fulfill Goal # 1. How to choose a crate. A crate is a box that has a Horse bonus inside. In the mission “Yellow Turban Rebellion” he is on the western flank (start the game from the left), without going to the enemy base, go to the left.

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