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August 13, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Empire Earth 2: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Quick way to win skirmish (non-mission single player):
1) Economy. From the very beginning of the game, send 6-8 workers to resources and build 1 university and a temple. Better send the first peasants to food or wood.
2) Savings. Do not build farms in the main city (starting point). Just waste wood and slow down development. Use orange trees to get food.
3) Foreign policy. At the beginning of the game – minimum wars, maximum alliances.
4) Army. Create a large army, split it into squads, leave one squad to defend your territories, and send the rest to the center of the main cities of your allies. When war is declared, the task of rzgrom will be simplified as much as possible due to these units.
5) Protection. Be sure to enclose your city with walls. Make a lot of towers, posts, air defense, coastal batteries.

1.Tips for protecting borders.
There are several options for protecting your borders from the enemy, depending on the territory.
If you are on an island, you can do this – depending on how many defensive cannons you can place, place them along the entire coast. Leave a distance between them, preferably not very large. To protect your weapons from ground attacks, place several ground combat units behind them.
If you have direct territory, then I advise you to put patrolmen, for this there is a button on the unit control panel.
If there are bridges, then you are in luck. Place as many soldiers as possible on the side of the bridge you are on.

2.How to defeat two AI.
If you are playing on a map with two AI, you can win in a proven way. Make an alliance with one of the AI ​​(if he refuses, then give him a tribute, to be sure), and declare war on the second, but prepare the troops in advance. Thus, you act according to the scheme 2 on 1. During the war, enter part of your troops into the territory of the allies, preferably near the town hall and important buildings. Do not take the initiative to fight the enemy on yourself, just defend yourself and a little bit of an ally. When the enemy finally falls, your alliance is automatically canceled and the war begins. Then you will immediately destroy the enemy, and victory is yours..

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