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July 3, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Enclave: Council (secret cards)

The main thing during the passage is to find 3 cards each from a good and an evil company and go through them completely, passed at an easy level:
1) A good company has 4 mission TEMPLE OF THE DESERT, there is a place where water restores life, in this water you find a rusty key, go there further, jump over the bridge, go to the right, and there you go down the stairs, and there is a chest to the left of it, You can open it with a key. By the way, do not forget to open the coffin, which is guarded by skeletons. 7 mission HARBOR ARK AMAR, immediately after leaving the ship you go to the left, go around a high building and find a door, enter and take a map from a box. 10 mission UNDERGROUND WORLD there at the very beginning you go, go down the elevator, and on the right you jump over the cliff and run around, there you find a key, then you go to the first save point, and almost reaching it, stones fall from the mountain in the form of a forest, climb them and open the chest.
2) The evil company 4 has the PALACE OF DREAMS mission, you kill the fire mage, then the goblin opens the door, go further, take the key, and to the left of the location of the key there is a staircase, go up to the roof, there is also a house right on the roof, in which there is a cabinet, and there is a map.8 mission CAPTURE JAZINDRA, to the left of the first save point there is a door that does not open, and behind it there is a house, run around the house, bring down the man with a sledgehammer who has shrunk, take a wooden key from him and go into the house, opening with a key, there you climb into the attic through the boxes and find a map. 10 mission GREAT WALL, immediately run straight and then, before reaching the bridge, to the right, you run through the water and break a wooden wall under the castle, walk along a tunnel filled with water, to the left is a key rusty, then you leave the tunnel, go up the stairs, you are already in the castle and you see 3 doors, go to the left, where you get the key, then to the middle one, where you open the door with a silver key, after the save point you turn it somewhere to the left, there is still a man throws grenades in the room, in this room there is a chest that you open with a key and find a map.!

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