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October 12, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Fable 3: Tip (Key Locations)

New Bowerstone.
New Bowerville City

1 key. As you walk from the port, pay attention to the first factory building after it (along the left embankment). On the second floor there is a key.
2 key. After you get the crown, return to the workshop through which you made your way to the pier. Key in the elevator shaft on the 2nd floor.
Additional: the workshop is located opposite the exit from the sewer through which you first enter the city. The entrance to it is in the courtyards, on the way you will see Logan’s announcement lying on the boxes.
3 key. Sewerage. Entrance to the Ferret’s house (by quest).
4 key. Sewerage, entrance from the embankment near the Trickster plant. As you enter – to the right. They are also sent there on a quest with the missing ring..
New Bowerstone Castle
This location contains the Golden Door (in the catacombs under the Castle).
5 key. Courtyard. Behind the king’s statue (to the left of the catacombs).
6 key. Catacombs. Turn left before the first bridge.
Old Quarter New Bowerville.
7 key. From the gate leading to the lake, to the right, along the wall.
8 key. “House of Evening Shadows”, 2nd floor. The house is on the rise to the fortress bridge, to the right of the road.
New Bowerstone Market
9 key. If you stand with your back to the exit from the Castle, then on the right there will be a house. The key is behind him, in the backyard.
10 key. Embankment from the side of the main gate (near the water).
11 key. Weasel’s Lair (entrance under the bridge). You will get access to it through a quest that will be given to you after ascending the throne.

Mill field.

12 key. If you go from Bowerstone and the monorail station, then after one of the bends in the road you will find yourself on a hill from which you can clearly see the lake. There will be a statue on the left. Remember the place, it will become a reference point. Turn left from it, before reaching the houses you will see a key.
13 key. If you turn right from the place with the statue, you will see a pond. There is another key on its shore.
14 key. Return to the fork with the statue and jump over the fence and climb the hill.
15 key. Monorail station.
16 key. Pepper cave (entrance opposite the station).
17 key. Trickster Mansion, Secret Bedroom.
18 and 19 keys. Chilly cave. You will only get access to these keys after the “Friendship with the Hobbies” quest, which you will be given after completing the storyline. Key no. 18 on the shore of an underground lake (you will have to swim through the maze of stones to get to it). No. 19 – on a cliff that can be seen from the entrance to the cave, it will not be difficult to find it.

This location contains the Golden Door (look in the crypt).
20 key. The trenches begin right after the fort. Examine them, the key is behind the pieces of wood to be broken.
21 keys. Near the Greens settlement, in ruins (look along the road from the cemetery).
22 key. Crypt. In one of the old crypts to the right of the entrance to the location.
23 key. Crypt. After number 22, climb the stairs to the end and go left until the wall. Jump down.

House of the Setting Sun.
There is a Golden Door on this location (as you pass the gate, turn right until it stops).
24 key. To the left of the demon.
25 key. After the gate to the left, look in the forest.

Silver Pines.
26 key. Before entering the village, turn left along the trail.
27 key. Inside the mine.

Rafters Island.
28 key. In the cave of the same name (entrance on the middle island from the coast).
29 key. Remember the hobby quest? On the leftmost island (if you stand with your back to the entrance to the location) was their parking. Go to her and approach the left edge of the hill. Key at the bottom.
Add. landmark – next to this place is a broken stone bridge.
Golden Key. To get it, you need to wait until the location becomes habitable. Then a bridge will appear to the blue ball on the rock. With its help, you will activate the portal and get to the golden key.

This location contains the Golden Door (in the Academy Storage).
30 key. House outside the city wall. There is a small bridge in front of the house, the key is under it.
31 keys. The house in front of which the chicken races are arranged. The key between the house and the city wall.
32 key. Near the Academy, to the left of the entrance.
33 key. Academy storage. After you dive from the bridge, go into the room, from it – into the corridor. There is a closed door, behind it is the key.
34 key. Academy storage. A room with rising platforms. The key is on the uppermost terrace, next to someone’s coffin (you can get there from the other side of the destroyed bridge).

Chmarskaya Valley.
35 key. The left bank of the lake, behind the logs.
36 key. If you stand with your back to the monorail station, then the mountain range goes to the left. Walk along it until you see a path. At the end the key.
37 key. Frostbreath Caverns. When you go to the demon along the ravine, a bridge is visible at the top. You need to cross this bridge and you will reach one of the entrances to the caves (there are 3 of them). The key is inside, don’t miss.
38 key. A cave with a monorail. There is a closed door not far from the entrance from the Khmarya side. The key to it lies in a chest in the same cave. When you open it, go ahead; there will be no forks, don’t miss the key.
39 key. A cave with a monorail. On the left side behind the barrels, after the closed door (see key No. 38).
Golden Key. Go through the Lower Frostbreath Cave (the one with the frozen lake).

Mercenary camp.
40 key. The highest place in the camp (you will be dropped there after the battle with the chieftain). There is an observation tower on it, under it is a key.

Free Camp.
41 keys. Next to the throne of Sabine.

Continent “Aurora”.

42 key If you stand with your back to the demon, then you can see the altar by the rock opposite. From this altar to the right, there is a drop. Follow it and get to the roof of the house, and from it – to the bridge between the houses. The key is there.
43 key. If you go from the city to the desert (exit from the location), then there will be a path on the right. There is a key on it.

Quicksand (desert)
44 key. From the entrance from the side of the aurora straight ahead, then to the left. Key to the right of the road.
45 key. If you stand with your back to the temple through which you fled after the crash, then the columns are visible slightly to the right. The key is behind them.
46 key. Stand with your back to the temple and go right along the edge of the location. Go long.
47 key. Palace of the crumbling sands. Not far from the entrance there is a door on the left wall. The key is behind her.
48 key. Palace of the crumbling sands. In the room with the altar, to his left.
Golden Key. After the end of the main storyline, a man will appear in Aurora selling “The Key to an Even Bigger Key”. After you buy it, go to the desert towards the temple. Stand with your back to him and go to the right, run into the “Crossroads” cave. Key inside.

Hidden path.
49 key. Walk to the end of the location and look to the right.
50 key. In the cave “Riddle”.
Golden Key. Located in the “Riddle” cave, at the very end.

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