Fable: The Lost Chapters: An excellent collection of tips and secrets (silver keys, chests, weapons, leveling, quests, your brothel, your tattoos, etc.)

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March 5, 2020
14 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Fable: The Lost Chapters: An excellent collection of tips and secrets (silver keys, chests, weapons, leveling, quests, your brothel, your tattoos, etc.)

Beginner tip:
Here are the tactics for leveling Persian from the very beginning:
First, pump health and strength at least (up to four)
2) Then mana
3) Then a physical shield.
Health is needed so that if mana suddenly ends abruptly, to be able to leave alive.
Mana is needed in order for physical. the shield did not end longer.
With a physical shield, you can take tasks “Without a scratch” and “Naked”.

Always buy as many bottles as possible to increase your life.

Leveling Tips
At the very beginning of the game, pump your physical shield, slowdown, push and the total amount of mana from magic, strength (or constitution, in all translations in different ways; in general, melee damage), accuracy and speed to the maximum, the rest is almost never used … There will be no problems with money even without buying and selling, which, by the way, is best used in Darkwood Camp and Boverstone North, and the effect depends on the outside, and on the worldview, and on the cunning, so buy mana potions, activate a physical shield, shoot enemies from afar , and when they come running from this far (if they come running at all), cut them with a sword. Experience from this will be in bulk, since the combat multiplier does not drop with missed hits.
With bosses, you can use magic that increases the power of an attack from a bow, I cast it three times – the first time Jack, who was still fiddling with masks, did not have time to hit me.
The best armor in the Necropolis is in a silver chest that requires 25 keys, for which they are worth collecting. Best weapon: heavy sword in Boverstone North for 76,000, but much better Tear of Avo or Sword of Eternity, which you get after the first kill of Jack, but since you can’t get to these weapons right away, then buy a couple of sets of light weapons (swords are preferable – when stunned and dropped You can stab him at once, but with an ax you can only kick off with 10 damage per kick, in practice this means that you will kick a rasamah for about five minutes) with different attachments for different situations and types of weather. The best bow is given in the Temple of Modest for sacrifices. But there is a little secret – bring the mercenaries exactly at midnight. I managed to get the bow in two rounds. There is also a crossbow in Darkwood for 20 keys, but a crossbow is worse than a bow from the principle of developers, and it is more difficult to get it.
A total of 92 combat multipliers. Truth in the mission Try to stop Jack of Blades, where the bridges are endless…

How to get your own tattoo?

Naturally, you think that everyone who plays Fable has the same character? No, it’s a mistake. Everyone is trying to change the character to be different from others. So, if you have a desire to make the hero different from everyone else, then you should read this article. Well, let’s start.

Open the folder with tattoos (it is located ‘”disk with the Windows folder”: \ My Documents \ My Games \ Fable’). We are looking for our Tatoos folder, go into it, find our profile (a folder with your name in the game) and open it. Inside you will find: arms.bmp, back.bmp, chest.bmp, face.bmp and legs.bmp. Next, we open any of these files in Paint’e and edit. After all work on the file, save it and go into the game. Then we are looking for an NPC who will make you a cherished tattoo, it will look just like everyone else, in the form of a tattoo card.
We buy it, and it is automatically applied to the hero, then we take off his clothes and admire our creation.

I also advise you to make a copy of the file that you are changing, because no one guarantees you that everything will go smoothly, and the game after modding may not start.

Fast money
1) buying a house
2) we break down the door and leave our trophy (the more expensive it is, the better)
3) we sell the house together with the trophy (the sale price increases due to the trophy)
4) after the sale, we take the trophy from home
5) buy again

You can repeat as much as you like.

Simple killing of trolls
The easiest way to kill earth, stone and ice trolls without losing lives is to pump the magic “fire strike” – (the hero hits the ground with his fist, fire spreads from the blow) at least to the 1st level. To beat the troll close (even with a stick), and when he raises his hands to strike, using the “fire strike” is best with Shift + LMB, he will hit, but life and experience will not be taken away…

You can become the owner of a brothel. for this you need:
1) Six beers.
2) Dress up as a woman (Wig required)
3) Give beer to Strarick the owner of the Brothels.
4) During sleep, he will tell you where the brothel business is buried.
5) Present the papers of the old lady who is standing next to Group.
6) Then you have 2 options: Either make the brothel a haven for women, or not, collect rent from the brothel, and have all its women for free.
By the way, disguised as a woman, you can have men who walk on the territory of the Brothel for 200 coins (They pay you)

Arena walkthrough
1) When fighting ordinary monsters, it is advisable to use the magic “God’s Wrath”, or “Hell’s Wrath”.
2) One of the most difficult in the arena is the fight with stone trolls. Run for one, and hit him, His jumps can be ignored. The second will throw stones at him.

There is a quest – to find all the dolls of the heroes, and donate them to the Bowerstone school. I know where to get three. Gambling is a useful thing, as mentioned above. If you play for a long time and successfully in the village where Balverin-Knothole Glade was soaked, the game master will hand you a hero doll (hero’s mother doll). And at the same time, you can safely make money for good armor, before the battle in the Arena. In Bowerstone Manor, the hero doll is sold in the store. And I took another one from the assassin who attacked me.
Weapon Tips
The coolest melee weapon is not behind the demon door in Necropolis, but in a trade store in North Bowerstone – a kind of wavy sword.
But it turns out that the damage parameter is not the main indicator of lethality, the “Value” parameter is much more important. Let’s just say that the “damage” parameter is fully valid only with a successful combination, and different types of weapons distribute the damage done in different ways for each subsequent strike. Therefore, light weapons with less “damage”, but with the same “value” are often more effective than heavy ones, since they can be wielded 2 times faster.
Thus, the light sword “Avo’s Tear” (or Skorm’s sword, depending on the plot you choose) comes out on top in terms of lethality, whose “value” parameter is almost 2 times higher than that of that wavy sword, so do not forget to complete the quest of the same name.
This can also be easily checked: hit the enemy with a specific weapon and see how many points he has decreased – a good proof of the importance of the “value” parameter.
And one more thing, a thin hero takes with the weight of a weapon, but pumped up with his own strength;) Therefore, numerous experiments will not be superfluous.
Well, the coolest onion is, of course, “Onion Feed”. Where to get it is written above. Its max hit takes 600 hit points from an NPC like a bandit.

Gray key
To get the gray key in the second part of Headman’s Hill (if you don’t want to marry Lady Gray), complete the Mayor’s Invitation quest before the battle with Thunder, and when he throws you down, just fish the key out of the water, save, load this save, and just leave the place of the fight in North Boverstone, take the Mayor’s Investigation quest, go through and do not marry Lady Gray.

Demon doors
How do you open demon doors? That’s how:

1. Door to Heroes Guild.

How to open: You need to use the lamp on it, which you have in your inventory.

2. Door to Lookout Point.

How to open: The door will open on the main quest towards the end of the game. This moment you will definitely not miss.

3. Door to Greatwood Gorge.

How to open: Kill any NPC in front of this door or eat 10 crunchy chicks. The door will also open if you are 100% angry.

4. The door to Greatwood Caves.

How to open: You need to raise the combat multiplier to 14 or higher. To do this, it is best to walk down to Hobbe Cave to the very end. Climb to the exit, hanging on a physical shield, and kill all Hobbes that come across on the way. Force push helps a lot in this matter. At the exit from the cave, the combat multiplier will reset to half, so you need to pump it to 30 and higher.
Alternatively, you can shoot the earthen troll near the door with a bow. It will also be nice to increase combat multiplier, and the troll will not die as quickly..

5. Door to Rosewood Cottage.

How to open: Present the door with a gift from the gifts section of the inventory. Just make sure your door is “highlighted” before doing this..

6. Door to Darkwood Marsh.

How to open: Everything is simple here. The door will release four waves of guards at you. Kill them all and the door will open.

7. Door to Darkwood Bordello.

How to open: In order for this door to open, your statistics, in the column “How many times had sex” should be 10.

8. The door to Barrow Fields.

How to open: You must be fat to open the door. For this you need to eat and drink. The cheapest way is to buy and eat 60 carrots. Or eat meat and drink beer in large quantities.

9. The door to the Gray House.

How to open: You must be married to Lady Gray to open it.

10. Location: Abandoned Road.

How to open: Go to the door first with the full set of Bright Plate
Mail suit, then in Dark Will Users suit and finally in Bandits suit.

11. The door to the Witchwood Stones.

How to open: This door opens on a story quest. So you are unlikely to miss it or get to it earlier. To open it, you need to get the word H.I.T.S. hitting magic stones in the same location.

12. The door to the Knothole Glade.

How to open: Shoot the door with a bow. Just before that, you need to pull the string as long as possible in order to achieve the maximum power of the shot. It is also better to use a powerful bow for this..

13. Door to Headmens Hill.

How to open: Nothing. This door serves other purposes and will open during the quest if you choose to marry Lady Gray.

14. Door to Lychfield Graveyard.

How to open: The door also opens during the story quest. Find Nostro’s things in the graveyard and bring them back to his grave.

15. Door to Necropolis.

How to open: The door takes all your silver keys (no matter how many). So make sure you don’t need them anymore

All silver keys:
1. Guild Woods. Fish on the bubbles near the entrance on the right side. (You will need a fishing rod for this, of course).
2. Lookout Point. Cut through the bushes next to the statue in the center of the location.
3. Bowerstone South. Key on the second floor of the tailor shop (which is next to the entrance to the city).
4. Bowerstone South. Donate 25 books for the school.
5. Bowerstone Manor. The key can be obtained as soon as you gain access to this location. Either marry Lady Gray or lay her down and become mayor yourself. The key is in the bed in Lady Gray’s bedroom.
6. Fisher Creek. Fish over one of the bubbles north of the fisherman’s house.
7. Fisher Creek. Win a fishing competition.
8. Orchard Farm. Fish over bubbles from the pier.
9. Greatwood Lake. Climb to the closed bridge over the waterfall.
10. Rose Cottage. Look for the rose ring and dig in the center.
11. Hobe Cave. Focus Chamber. Look for the mushroom ring and dig in the center.
12. Ancient Cullis Gate. Fish over bubbles from the bridge.
13. Darkwood Lake. There is a large painted stone in this location. It has a hole at the top. Shoot him with a bow and get the key.
14. Gray House. Fish over the bubbles near the Demon Door.
15. Oakvale. Memorial Garden. Dig under the large statue in the center.
16. Oakvale. Win a Chicken Kicking Contest.
17. Twinblade’s Camp. Dig next to the chest near the southern edge of the map.
18. Witchwood Stones. Fish over the bubbles near the Demon Door.
19. Witchwood Lake. Dig under the statue highlighted in red, near the entrance to the location.
20. Knothole Glade. In the area of ​​the house for sale (between the houses), look for a circle of grass and dig in the center.
21. Windmill Hill. Look for a circle of flowers near the road (in the field on the left side), dig in the center.
22. Windmill Hill. Dig in a mug of flowers next to the mill.
23. Lychfield Graveyard. Dig on the grave in the southern part of the map, near the crypt.
24. Lychfield Graveyard. Search in the sarcophagus, in the crypt near the southern part of the map.
25. Lychfield Graveyard. Fish over the bubbles in the pond west of the graveyard keeper’s house.
26. Cliffside Path. Look for the mushroom ring and dig in the center.
27. Headsman’s Hill. You will not receive this key unless you agree to marry Lady Gray. During the wedding quest, you will fight Thunder. He will throw you off the cliff to the lower (not previously accessible) part of the location. Fish in the pond there and get the key.
28. Hook Coast. Look in the closet inside the lighthouse.
29. The Lost Bay. Dig on a grave next to an abandoned building.
30. Necropolis. Fish over the bubbles near the Demon Door.

Silver key chests and their contents

Location: Heroe’s Guild.
Number of keys: 20.
Content: The Murren Greathammer (two-handed hammer).

Location: Greatwood Lake.
Number of keys: 5.
Content: Elixir of Life.

Location: Hobbe Cave. Cave larder.
Number of keys: 5.
Content: Will Master’s Elixir.

Location: Darkwood Lake.
Number of keys: 15.
Content: Arken’s Crossbow.

Location: Gray House.
Number of Keys: 10.
Content: Sharpening Augmentation (stone to insert into weapons).

Location: Witchwood Stones (behind Demon Door).
Number of keys: 15.
Content: Health Augmentation.

Location: Headsman’s Hill (in the cave).
Number of keys: 15.
Content: Mana Augmentation (stone to insert into weapons).

Location: Bowerstone Manor (Lady Gray’s bedroom).
Number of keys: 15.
Content: Katana Hiryu (katana proper).

Location: Circle of the Dead.
Number of Keys: 10.
Contentsiercing Augmentation (stone to insert into weapons).

Location: Hook Coast.
Number of keys: 15.
Content: The Murren Greataxe (two-handed ax).

Location: The Lost Bay.
Number of Keys: 30.
Content: The Avenger (one-handed sword) + various stones.

Location: Necrpolis.
Number of keys: 25.
Content: Archon’s full set of armor (recommended).

Blue mushrooms
In the quest where you need to collect 4 blue mushrooms there is a little “secret”:
1. My aunt’s first mushroom in the “Picnic Zone”
2. Second – In the Guild of Heroes, near the Demon’s door. (Bubbles above the water – use a fishing rod)
3. The third in the Guild forest at the Man (Kill him or complete his quest)
4. The fourth from the seller in Barrow Fields (fields of the hill) – You can buy (1000 $) or steal (750 $ fine, +8 to evil)
That’s the whole secret.

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