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November 25, 2020
19 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Fallout 2: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Military base.
In the courtyard at the entrance there is a bulk of dog, so that later these rubbish does not interfere with them it is better to kill them immediately. There is an iron bar next to the minecart, attach it to it and explosives to the bar and push it. After the path is cleared, there are rodents and corpses inside (enclave) at level 1. in order for the lift to work, the generator must be repaired. At the lower levels there will be a lot of rubbish armed to the teeth, so it is better not to go there poorly armed and protected. On the fourth level, there will be a junkyard – you will be attacked by flyers, centaurs, deathclaws and fire-breathing lizards. Here the game often breaks down and therefore it is better to “record” the game before the dump

After you return Spy Holodisk to NCR, steal it again. And you will be re-given money and experience. True, you need to be able to steal.

After defeating the ENCLAVE, if you decide to continue, it is useful to look not only to Tuli’s father in New Reno, who will give a book by reading which you will receive 10,000 experience points each time, but also hit the road to the Eternal City. There, on the third level of the shelter, if you take out the main computer for a long time, he will advise you to go to the computer in the upper left corner of this level. It is something! 20,000 points at a time. Try.

You can add money in Den, in Becky’s bar, just play dice, make heavy bets, in principle, tedious and long, but what you can’t do for the sake of money?

Explosives in your pocket
Non-hostile NPCs (in particular merchants) can be quite effectively destroyed by putting the cocked explosives in their pocket.

How to xer things:
1. Save
2. Copy the save file somewhere. dat
3. Transfer cloned items to NPC
4. Save
5. Replace save. dat
6. Load
7. Both you and the NPC have things 🙂

Lots of things in the caves of poison
If you open the elevator door in the Caverns of Poison and drive to another floor, kill the robot, and then climb the lockers, you can find a lot of useful things: steam. packs, weapons, cartridges, etc..

Rob a merchant at NCR
In the New California Republic (NCR) there is a merchant whose money for the goods he sold ends up in his pocket and can be stolen from him. So for the same money you can buy all the goods in his shop..

Get subcutaneous armor
There are 4 types of PB:
1. Subcutaneous armor (+ 5%) -norm, explosion, etc..
2. Improved subcutaneous armor (+ 10%) -norm, explosion, etc..
3. Subcutaneous armor like “Phoenix” (+ 5%) -fire, laser, plasma.
4. Improved subcutaneous armor like “Phoenix” (+ 10%) – fire, laser, plasma.
One drawback for every PB boost is -1 charm (total: 2).

To get it you need:
1. Skill Doctor 80% or more.
2.4 combat armor.
3.about 0000.

In Vault-City, in the vault on the first level (where Dr. Troy) we climb into the computer and download information about this very armor, then we go to the suburb of Vault-City and repair AutoDoc, then we approach the doctor (there must be combat armor) and repeat the operation procedure 4 times and that’s it.

Killing any LDC
In order to kill an LDC, use an n-th number of super steampacks on it, on the basis that 1 super steampak will take away 9 hit points. SO you can kill ANY LDC.

After you complete Fallout 2 to the end, you will be prompted to continue the game.
Agree. There is a secret: in New Reno, talk to Tuli’s father, and get a book. This book is a useful thing. The first time you read it, all skills will increase to 300%, and the next time you will receive 10,000 experience points!

There is an arms dealer in NewReno shopping arcade.
Kill him and the dogs, there is a ladder in the upper right corner of the building (you can’t see it right away, it’s hidden behind the shelves). Junkie downstairs, upgrades any weapon. If you give a weapon without ammo, it will return + modification with them. Walking around the basement, you can find different things.

In Broken Hills, uranium ore can be donated to the refinery. You pay 1000 coins for this, come back the next day, you will be offered 1000 + another 500 bucks for ore. Agree to EXACTLY 1500 !!! Come again and … 1500 IN YOUR pocket AGAIN! Do it until you get bored.

When you are in Den (Yama) one girl (forgot her name) offers to earn some money.
You complete a couple of quests and on the third quest she offers to help in the battle in the church, well, if you agree, then listen.
There is a man near the entrance to the church, you kill him, leave the battalion commander and immediately talk to her, she will thank you and give you money. Motive is not much brutality and save ammo.

Escape to San Francisco at the start of the game. Approach the Brotherhood of Steel in the lower left corner and talk to the guard. He will give the quest and the location of the ANKLAV subsidiary.

How to find a weapon that does not require ammo!
We pump up the “Drifter” skill up to 150%, for support we take the “Fidget” bonus, we rummage around the map until we find the Keeper’s Portal location. We find ourselves in Vault 13 (GEEK is not there). In one of the rooms we find the “Sunny Scotcher” pistol and break the filter in one of the computers on the right side.

In New Renault, the Bishops are given the task of killing Westen in Nkr, but not shooting many people with the poison that they took on the doctor’s shelf, but you can do it with a simple jet and leave the poison for a more required moment!!

In Arroyo, there is a dude near the bridge who can make you a better spear.
I need to go to my aunt and get some flint. And here’s the catch, the first flint can be rested on her, and the second one can be changed to powders (and where did she get the second one if she only has one).

In New Reno, when a car is stolen from you, you can upgrade it, go to those dudes who stole the car and play there with the main thing, in short for the grandmother, you can make her upgrade!

In the City – a shelter, In the second half you are not allowed to enter the center. Require daily allowance. You can take it for free, take off your armor and, in a hideout suit, go up to the dude who is selling a pass. He give it to you for free.

In Modoc, when you get married, that is, at the end when everyone leaves, you need to run to the seller standing at the entrance to the city, in short, to steal all the things on his shelf!!!

In Vault City from the arms dealer in the first part, you can steal things better than they sell.
when you meet the guardian of the bridge, answer his last question with a question, then he will die and he will have a steering cape.
when you want to kill someone quietly stick the switched on dynamite in your bosom.

On the map, you can find a Fallen Shuttle with dead dudes in red shirts (they have “Hypo” – something like steampacks, only adds 81 HP).
A living person is buried on Calvary in the lower left corner.
In Gecko, you can contact UNCLAVA through a computer in the reactor. Just click on the computer and press 531231211221 (you can only contact once!).

Killing the boss is easy if you first persuade the enclaves to run with you.
And if you “sneak” along the wall to the computer and enter (intellect) “formatting the system”, then it will be just laughter!

In San Francisco, there are merchants near the entrance on the right and left. Both have several thousand dollars in their pockets, which can be stolen, purchased with them, after which the money will again be in the pockets of the merchants. You can buy absolutely everything for free.

As for gambling, the tactics here are simple – save, play. We win – save and play again. We lose – we remember and try again. You can get rich with only $ 1 in your pocket (it all depends on how much patience you have).

On the map, you can find the point “cafe of broken hearts”. There is a dog in it. Before you talk to him, we remove the armor. In a conversation with a dog, the item “show on a smiley” appears (or something like that). The dog will go with you.

A little about the easy life. There is a military base in Falout like Navaro. It is very easy to get into it. Method 1: Talk to the Acolyte of the Brotherhood of Steel in San Francisco, he will give the quest to get the blueprints of vertibirds. Or from San Francisco just a little to the right and below there is a military base there in one of the tents there is a map of Navaro base.
In general, we get to the Navaro base. There will be a type in a mantle, you can kill him or talk him into telling him the password for those who want to enter the Enclave and enter. But it is easier for him to demolish the swing and quickly go down to this base through the hatch. The hatch is in the building of the gas station. We go in with no one talking. In the upper left corner of the map there is a room with boxes, we climb over them, there is the enclave’s armor and other nimbleness. In general, we lick these boxes. If you have enough strength, you can kill everyone on this floor. And then a feint (hint). We climb on the elevator to level G And while the download is in progress, press A English on the keyboard several times until the map is loaded ………. Well, then we will smack into the feather of the chmara that we come across (if there is one, if there is no such move, we will schmuck prompted to the distance of the shot well, that is, in the range of bullets). … well, that they fired once and then you see that there are not enough moves back on the elevator and go down 1 level and this procedure can be repeated until you kill everyone. And the most important trick is that in the broth, I pinned myself with the 2nd equalization of the character and smashed everything there, don’t believe it, try it. (No hacks 100%) There will be more questions..

The best partners are Cassidy, Markus, Goris and SkyNet. You can also take Miron (he knows how to make stimpacks). To join it, you need to work for one of the families in New Reno..

Hang out on the top of Modoc Denyok Other and meet there one seller from whom you can buy cool machine guns or alien Superlasers for just a couple of Pieces…

Not far from L.A. you can meet a pariah dog with 750 health, this dog will start walking after us and add such a perk as “Bringer of Misfortune”.

Even at the top of the modok for two cells, you will find Pariah, where a very cute dog will become attached to you, it is not possible to get rid of him, he just has 700 lives and sometimes he helps you out in battle, when the enemy rushes at this particular dog, you are at this moment you can wander freely.

In the NRK or in San Francisco, at the very entrance, in the bazaar, in a tent there is a dwarf merchant. There are two guards standing near the tent, so they can try to put together the cannons, these cannons are VERY powerful. I went through the whole game with them (at close range up to 300 hits knocks out).

If you fill up the manac on the bridge, you will be given about 7000 points (at the initial level, it’s cool!) + Armor. Be the first to shoot and try to knock him down. Then it’s a matter of technique (don’t forget to shoot at the cows).

To get to the 3rd floor of the Shark cluba, pagavar with Bishop’s daughter or wife. They will offer you … :). One of them will give you the password to the safe in her room. Only first get the task from Bishop.

In New Reno, it is not necessary to bring down an arms dealer. Dastatno to break open the door in the afternoon the pack is in the trading room.

If you enter the City of Asylum as a wanderer and the daddy in the Asylum, the doctor will give you the task to bring him a Jet to make an antidote. Then he drops two bottles and you.

You can’t officially become a citizen of Vault City (pass exams and all that). I tried it many times.

On the instructions of the Wright family, you will need to find a military base. It is only important to find a shell in it (there is a small building on the left side of the screen). There is a cannon on the right side. Load and fire.

If you pick up 10 Kats magazines (red ones like that. You can see them in Dene at an arms dealer. In Klamath at a girl in a bathhouse), take them to a prostitute in New Reno (where there is a car park at the entrance to the city). She will give you in return a manual on the use of energy weapons. After reading + 10 points for energy weapons.

It is inappropriate to knock a monk on the bridge, he has 999 lives, talk to him and he will ask you three questions, answer 2 correctly, and 3 the third question for a question and he will die himself :-))

In WaltCity we need to get into the Volt itself to find out where the 13th Volt is … But only citizens can go there. And it’s very difficult to become such … Therefore, we approach the entrance to the Vault, turn on the battle mode, and calmly pass inside it.

During casual meetings, be sure to go into the caves (if there are any (some you can go into, but some you can’t)). Sometimes in caves you can find either bandits or very tough guys with very powerful guns (PTRS, Plasma, 2 types of Beam, Gatling Laser, Gauss Cannons, etc.), they can be recognized by their combat armor.
If you come across a caravan, be sure to bargain. You can purchase unusual weapons (they are not available for sale from city merchants).

It is possible to get to the Vault City shelter without military action. You need to have 6-7 charms and 80-90 conversation (the more the better):
1.we talk wult city with the consulate
2.we go to the reactor talking from the gole to the opera center informs about the possibility of repair
3.Whole City 2 inform the advisor, take the necessary parts, return to the reactor to the gole, give the part, – the reactor is working normally!!!
4.walt-city go to the 2nd advisor, inform us, we got CITIZENSHIP + access to the shelter, points, etc..

Some versions of the game have the following trick:
After the destruction of the Enclave, deciding to continue the game, we go to Vault City 13. We go into the bunker, go up to the 2nd (or 3rd, I don’t remember exactly where the heap of computers is) floor. When you exit the elevator to the right (relative to your hero) behind the wall there will be a computer to which you need to go and just press “use”. For each “use” we get 10,000 experience. Maximum level – 99!

It’s strange that this well-known bug was not posted here…
In general, in the city of Gecko, the Repairman Skeeter asks us to bring some kind of 3-step crap, for this he will upgrade any weapon to us for free.
We go into the house to Harold, we steal from the shelf and apply for a part. Next, we go to the reactor zone, change the request for a detail. Right there we spiral at the same Gulya, who gave us another detail of the same kind. But that’s not all! We go to the festus that stands in the room in front of the entrance to the reactor console and steal another request from him (+ one more detail). With three parts, go to Skeeter and get the opportunity for 3 free upgrades…

When creating a character, ALWAYS set the ability to steal! At the beginning of the game, you can’t fight much by force – there is no weapon or armor. But if a thief is added and the skill of sneaking in general, miracles begin to happen!!!

Go to NKR, there is a weapons store right at the entrance, which is guarded by two guys with Bozars !!! The charge is small, but the destructiveness is just a fairy tale with the skill of heavy weapons mowing out bandits 4 pieces per turn.

If in your wanderings you stumble upon a bridge over a crevice, which is guarded by a man in a purple cloak, save yourself and start a conversation with the “sage” answer the truth to the first two questions, and answer the last question with a question. The peasant will overlap and after himself he will leave an armor. Not the coolest, of course, but it protects better than the battle armor (such a green one).

In New Reno, as someone already wrote, there really is a man who simply upgrades weapons. If you are standing right in front of the entrance to the weapons store, then turn left around the corner and to the first door. Come into it, go straight to the far wall and go down the stairs. Here are just a hitch – dogs are sitting next to the stairs, they will not bite, but when they see the character they will start howling, thereby calling the owner. But the owner is no longer very friendly towards uninvited guests – try to get and go down as soon as possible. It is also undesirable to go there in the evening – the owner of the establishment looms at night next to the stairs and you will not be able to walk past him. By the way, in the basement, in one of the cabinets, you can find an electric. lock pick.

In my opinion, it is better to drive Cassidy and Vic to the showdown at the beginning of the game. But towards the end, they turn into ballast. For example, I just felt sorry to see how one enclave soldier laid down all these lads. Just for fun, right now, I’m walking with Marcus.

And now about the car:

The first and second parts are put by the mechanic in D yr (Den). You need to pay for the car 2000r.

1 – controller. Reduces fuel consumption.
Lies in a disassembled “Heimven” in Klamath. It is necessary to take the quest “kill all the rats” and go through the dungeon to the rat-god. After killing him, we go further to the stairs and, having risen to the surface, we examine all the cars, in one of them he lies.

2 – the engine. (Well, at for blondes) Schaub could even drive the car.))
Will give the ghola in the ghola settlement north of the 8th hideout. He needs to give super rem. set. We get the set from Valerie, the daughter of Vic in the 8th shelter. She will give you several sets for the usual tools: a wrench (lying in a pile of stones right behind Cassidy’s bar), tongs (you should already have it in a Lubasik), and, it seems, something else, but it’s not hard to find it. It is enough to take the set to the ghola, get the engine, and, having paid money to the mechanic, sit at the wheel of your vacuum cleaner)).

3 – I don’t remember the exact name. The car will run like crazy and eat even less.
You for 1000r. will put a bum in the NKR. Sits in a landfill, sells info and garbage. After you upgrade the car, you can steal the same money back.

4 – the expansion of the trunk. (Also for blondes) Schaub climbed into the car more.
When you ARRIVE to New Reno for the first time, make sure that nothing useful is in her trunk of the car, since everything will be lost, we are leaving on business. After returning, we find that there is no car. We press on the type that hangs around the parking lot all the time. He will crack and tell you where the car is. We go to help out our vacuum cleaner. We come there and see that the car has been privatized by a gang of “mechanics” and we pay deny to the galvny. Here he also expands your trunk. And longer is your business: leave the would-be mechanics and leave or teach them a lesson, so that it was discouraging.

5 – levitation boards. The car will no longer run, but FLY and how!!!
Can only be placed after destroying the Enclave Tower. The next mechanic will deliver. But look for it yourself. Good luck!

You can become a citizen by passing the exams! For this you need to have an intelligence of about 10.
Tried many times!

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