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January 13, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Fallout 2 tip

New game / create character / options / save, then in the directory
fallout2 / data edit the .gcd file. At the very end of the file 05 -> 23.
Start a new game / create a character / options / load and expose
strength, agility, etc. by 10.

To clone items, find the files in the game folder
located in “/ data / savegame / slot #”. All of them,
(except for automap.sav, save.dat and worldmap.dat) these are maps,
a separate part of each city along with everything that lies there.
Rewriting part of the city from one slot to another, all items

Fallout 2 tip

in this part of the city they will rewrite.
Do not forget to make backups before such experiments..

Screensaver from Fallout 1:
Open PipBoy and stay on this screen to
see the old “Fallout” screensaver

Programmers comments:
Hold [Shift] and click on the “Credits” button to
hear various comments from the development team.

Value addresses for ArtMoney:
Create your hero!
Character Points are located at 00518535, 00518537 and 00518538
which are given when creating your character. We register 35 (dec) and
we wind 10 strength, dexterity, etc. It is enough to change the value
any address. Experience is located at 006681B4. For example if
the next level is 3000, then we prescribe 2999, we hammer someone
or use the skill. We get to level 99 so easily.
Skill points are located at 006681AC. We prescribe 99 and
we bring all our skills to 300%.

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