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May 22, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Fallout 3: Council (Dev Room)

coc testqaitems – takes you to a room with all the items in the game (they are put in mailboxes). To get out of here use the code coc megatoncommonhouse.
A small announcement for those who want to visit the test room, hook armor / weapons and painlessly dump back into the game world:

– Tiny Killer Mask (gear)
– Tiny Assassin Knife (weapon)
– Rolling pin with increased damage

This swag is found only in the virtual world 112 Volta (the ‘bad’ quests of the Brown girl), that is, in a separate game module.
You know that they disappear along with everything else when the virtual khan.

And as a result, having taken these things in the test room (and this is not a separate game module at all), he will attach them to himself and will never be able to remove them. Throw it out too.

Karoch, if you don’t want a free quick load, forget about the ‘take all’ button

Z. Y. There will be two skalkok in the room. And I don’t remember which one is the left one. Better score on both)

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