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December 30, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Fallout: New Vegas: Advice (Character Manipulation)

I recently registered and decided to share my experience.

prid ref_id – set target ID. Same as mouse click, but works even if the character is not visible.

  • setessential base_id 1 – make the character immortal.

Example: setessential a71 1 – makes Jericho immortal setessential a71 0 – returns mortality to him again.

  • player.placeleveledactoratme base_id – create / clone the target character and move it to the player character.

Example: player.placeleveledactoratme 2961e – the game will create a random raider near the player character.

  • equipitem base_id – Forces the target character with the specified item.

Example: prid 2d2bc – equipitem 20420 – forcibly equip Moira Brown in combat armor.note: the item must be in the inventory of the target character.

  • player.moveto ref_id – move the player character to the target character.

Remember the difference! base_id describes how the object works, and ref_id describes where it is in the game. Identical objects have the same base_id, but different ref_ids. Base_id operations change the properties of an object (including appearance, inventory, etc.) and are reflected on all identical objects; ref_id operations manipulate one specific object.

The following commands require pre-setting the target ID, that is, either selection by clicking the mouse (objects under the pointer are scrolled with the mouse wheel), or by typing the command prid ref_id and pressing Enter. Then type:

  • inv (Inventory) – view the inventory of the character / box (this will also display and ID things in it).
  • moveto player – move the target character to the player character.

Example: prid 156b7 – moveto player – will move Cindy Cantelli to the player character.

  • kill – kills a character. Immortal characters faint as they should.
  • resethealth – will restore the character’s health (can also be used with player.resethealth – in this case, the health of the player character will be restored).
  • resurrect – resurrect a character. This command returns the target character to its original state – that is, the inventory is restored, the attitude towards the player character and other characters. Also returns to its original state AI(artificial intelligence) character – in the event that an error in the packages AI makes him do something he shouldn’t do.

note: the player character cannot be resurrected this way.

  • tdetect (Toogle Detection) – enables / disables the ability to detect the player character by other characters.
  • tai (Toogle Artificial Intelligence) – turns on / off artificial intelligence. When off AI characters will not walk, attack, or interact in any way.

note: if a target character was selected before entering the command, then AI will be disabled only for him. If no one was chosen, then AI will be disabled globally.

  • tсai (Toogle Combat Artificial Intelligence) – in principle, similar to the previous command, but turns on / off only that partAI, which is in charge of fighting.
  • disable, enable – disable and enable a character (or any other object) in the game (total vanish, reappearing).

note: some characters are protected from the team disable, and after exiting the console will return to the game world. Do not try to influence these commands directly on your character – the game will drop to the desktop.Note: Sometimes rebooting a partner character will result in him / her giving general answers to dialogue questions. To fix this, reload the recruit character quest by using the resetquest quest_id in the console. The quest_id list is given here.Example (commands in order of input): prid 3a77 – select Sydney; moveto player – move Sydney to the player character; additem cb547 1 – add the Avenger to her inventory; additem 6b53e 1000 – add Sydney’s ammunition; equipitem cb547 – equip Sydney with the Avenger “; Setessential 3a22 1 – make Sidney immortal; placeleveledactoratme 94ecc – place the new super mutant master to Sidney. You can repeat over and over …

Reboot character 

Commands in order of input:

  • prid ref_id – select a character;
  • disable – deactivate the character;
  • enable – activate character.

In some cases, it is necessary to carry out the following additional manipulations:

  • kill – kill a character;
  • resurrect – resurrect, reload character.

Example (commands in the order of input): prid 3a77 – select Sidney; disable – disable; enable – enable; make sure the character is activated; kill – kill Sidney; resurrect – resurrect Sidney; moveto player – move Sidney to the player character (or player.moveto 3a77 to move the player character to Sidney).

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