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May 14, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

FIFA 07: Hints (Game Tips and Tactics)

Advice for those who like to score goals from midfield…
It is imperative that you run in the center of the field, none of the opponents should hold your shirt or block the trajectory of the ball. As soon as you run across the strip of the central circle of the other half, you need to hit the ball at full power towards the goal. Then the goalkeeper simply will not reach him, because he comes out of the goal during the game of his team in the opposite half of the field. Of course, it’s best to hit with Forwards or other world-class stars. For example: Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Shevchenko, Lampard others.

I want to tell you a couple of tricks:

z + c – the player passes the ball between the legs
z + d – cunning blow (this blow is very easy to score from the center of the field)
a + a – lumbago

When the opponent goes one on one with your goalkeeper, press [W], and as soon as the goalkeeper runs up to the player, press [Shift], then the goalkeeper will fall at his feet.


z + d + arrows – cunning blow (very useful)
q + d + arrows – another hit!

Shift – goalkeeper crouches
a + d + arrows – goalkeeper jumps
c – the goalkeeper raises his hands up

When hitting a free kick, use the direction keys to select the direction of the shot. It is best to hit with twisted ones. So, use the direction keys (up down left right) to direct the player’s face directly to the goalkeeper (as if you wanted to kick directly into the goalkeeper). Hit the hit key, calculate the forces.
When the player runs up to hit, press and hold the direction key opposite to the direction the goalkeeper is facing. In this case, the ball will spin directly into the empty goal area. Probability of Goal 92 in 100.

If you want to kick the ball very hard from your half of the field, press A hold for half a second release and immediately press D.
The ball will fly at a speed of 267 km / h down. Even a goal from goal to goal is possible in this way. On goal kick or other standard position this will not work therefore you will hit in this way only from a free position. If you want to shoot from goal to goal, then when the goalkeeper catches the ball, press the key W and the goalkeeper will lower the ball to his feet or give a pass from one of his players to the goalkeeper, he will not pick it up because it is prohibited. And you don’t have to drop the ball to the ground. The probability of a goal is small because the players who are on the trajectory of the shot or the goalkeeper who can catch the ball interfere, but I scored 30 times out of 80. And if you don’t score, don’t worry. You will still knock the ball out of the danger zone. Have a good game!

Zidane’s feints – SHIFT + LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT or SHIFT + LEFT, UP, RIGHT SHIFT + RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT (without releasing SHIFT, press the arrows in turn)

Ronaldinho’s feint – SHIFT + up + up, SHIFT + down + down, SHIFT + up + down

Robin’s canopy – SHIFT + A (obtained one time)

Feint Ronaldo – SHIFT + down + left + left


Player with the ball:

A – canopy
E – acceleration
D – hit
S – pass to the feet
W – pass on the move
Shift – stroke
C – one more stroke
Q + S – wall game
Q + D – blow-parachute
Q + A – precise cross
Q + W – pass to move on horseback
A + S or D + S – false swing

Player off the ball:

A – tackle
D – selection
Shift – body fight
Q – defender runs forward

For free kicks:

C – call the player
E – change the batter
With sweat Z – fake free kick
Shift – ball spin

Cheek kick (good accuracy) – Z + D
Parachute strike – Q + D
“Cut” blow – Shift + D

Free kicks:

In Fife 07 they get hammered very easily. The main thing is to “catch” the force of the blow (this is a segment somewhere from 1/3 of the strip to Ѕ) and, of course, to regulate the ball spin with the arrows. In order for your player to approach you, you need to press C.
2 Player Kick (First Runs) – Z + D
Hit 2 players at once – C + D
Low kick – Q + D


High canopy – A + Q
Low shot – Q + D

To spin into the gate, after the canopy, press Shift + D and the arrow towards the gate.

False swings – D + S, A + S

Wall game – Q + S + S

Low shot – A + A

Fast cross canopy – Q + A

When a footballer from the opposing team, when a penalty is taken, stands and looks where to hit him, meanwhile you will move the goalkeeper to the right or left side of the goal, the main thing is not to leave him in the middle !. When the opponent begins to scatter, you must immediately send the goalkeeper to the other part of the goal. If done correctly, there is a 70% chance of the goalkeeper taking the ball..

Want to score from a corner? Not a problem! When serving a corner, hold the HIT 80% and when accelerating a player, hold down the arrow as if you wanted to send the ball straight into the goal. Often I did it! Called DRY LEAF. The twisted ball flies straight into the goal. Sometimes it may not work, but it’s worth a try! Can hit a player of the enemy team and ricochet into the goal. Sometimes the goalkeeper hits the goal, sometimes the player needs to fix it, but it should turn out well!


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