FIFA 11: Advice (hacking budget, salary, fitness, the ability to buy any player)

By the selection method, we read the forum and, having learned from his mistakes, came to this…
1.Install this program
1.1 download my file
2. We drop this file into the play folder (with replacement)
C: \ Program Files \ EA Sports \ FIFA 11 \ Game
but then you have to start your career again.
3. Or is there another way so as not to start a career again
3.1 back up a file career.ini in the program folder “Ticket Patch”
3.2 upload downloaded file career.ini to the program folder “Ticket Patch” (with replacement)
3.3 run the program and click apply
3.4 to undo all actions, the earlier copied (original career.ini file) is thrown into the folder with the program “Ticket Patch” (with replacement), start the program and press apply
4.This is what happensEven with such a budget and weekly payouts, such players can be acquired.

Enjoy the physical form of your teammates.

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