Forza Horizon 3: Tip (Hacked via Cheat Engine) [CODEX:]

*** The basis is taken from the previous tips and brought to mind, I hope;) .


  1. Launch the game and Cheat Engine from the admin
  2. Once loaded, we go into the field and pause.
  3. We launch a search for money or experience, because they are the easiest to find. We look at the top right, experience in Progress / Statistics.
  4. We filter out the value until only one remains (we spend money in the garage to improve the current car or ride in a circle if we filter out experience).

Finding a place for injection:

For clarity, you can watch d782G-PS_js here. BUT! We do nothing after the 7:30 video! Those. do not change “mov edi, [rsp + 40]” to anything.

  • Double-click to add the found value to the address list.
    Right-click on the added line and start tracking what is written to this address.
  • We return to the game. It is not necessary to enter pause mode. You just need to click on the menus.
    Returning to Cheat Engine in a new window, we see an entry that appears like this:

    Search successful – press the “Stop” button. Once, because with a second click, the window will close and you will have to repeat the action.

  • Select the found entry and click on the right “Show disassembler”. The “Memory Viewer” will open with a highlighted line of instructions.
  • Selecting one line above (the one with the green text), press the right and select “Break and trace instructions”

    We don’t change anything, except for the number of monitored instructions, increasing the value to 10,000 (ten thousand). Click “OK”.

  • We repeat the action by clicking the menus in the game. And after finding the instructions, we immediately look for (Ctrl + F): EDI == Dengi / Experience
    Instead of Money or experience, we substitute our value. (In my case EDI == 65689)
  • Select one line higher from the found one and double-click on it. Which will lead us to the desired instructions in the “Memory Viewer”
    Yes, the same instruction mov edi, [rsp + 40] with which nothing needs to be done until.

Create an injection:

  1. To create an injection at the address of the found instruction, you need to prepare a script.
    Press (Ctrl + A) or select “Tools” – “Auto Assemble”

  1. In the “Template” menu, first select the lowest item, then the highest one and confirm the proposed values.
    Or press (Ctrl + Alt + T), then (Ctrl + I).

    As a result, we get a template for our script..

  1. Now we need to finalize it.
    If, in short and without going into details, then it is necessary to bring it to the form:

    Line 7: add an extra label (cheat)
    Lines 12-13: we add the check of the value we need, and if so, we jump to the “cheat” label.
    We write the value for which to check after the hashtag (I have it 65689). This is the very money or experience that we were looking for in the beginning.
    cmp [rsp + 40], # 65689
    je cheat
    Lines 20-23: We prescribe the forced assignment of the desired value and the subsequent exit.
    First comes the label. Then the assignment itself. And we also indicate the value after the hashtag. Now the desired one (I think 750 liam is enough;)). Next is the required line for the correct operation of the injection. And finally, redirect to exit.
    mov edi, # 750000000
    cmp qword ptr [rbx], 00
    jmp exit

  1. As soon as the script is edited – add it to the list of addresses in the main window. (File> Assign to current cheat table)
  1. It remains only to activate the script and return to the game to spend money or gain experience (depending on what you were looking for initially) and wait / save progress (a spinning icon at the bottom right of the screen). After that, the script can be deactivated, because it shouldn’t work anymore.
    Don’t close the game and Cheat Engine yet.

Changing other values ​​later

If everything went well, then other values ​​can be changed by analogy. What kind? See / search for yourself. For example, the number of fans.
What’s most interesting – there is no need to search for addresses again! Just return to the “Memory Viewer” window and create a new script by analogy.
Only now, in the 12th line (from the 3rd paragraph of the previous section) we write a new value, the one that we want to change in the 21st new one. Add a new script (or save the edited one) and repeat the steps of step 5 of the previous section.

In theory, this way you can safely change any integer values ​​in the game. In theory, because I personally had enough money. I’ll play the rest. =)

Download Cheat Engine from our server you can here.

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