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January 20, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Forza Horizon 4: Tip (How to wind up money)

1.Download the latest version of the Cheat Engine
2.Cut down the Internet
3.Launch Forza Horizon 4
4.Launch Cheat Engine
5. Do everything carefully and in order, start the roulette (wheelspin) not the one where there are 3 prizes, but the one where there is exactly one, then if you have the sum of 5000 or 100k + DON’T TAKE THE PRIZE, you can take everything else.
6.In Cheat Engine, open the Process tab – Forza Horizon 4.exe, then look for the amount that you got in roulette (5k or 100k +), ATTENTION, AGAIN, IF 1000,2000,10000 are burnt, you do not need to look for them, the game might just crash on change.
7. All found values ​​are dragged to the lower window (click on one of them, ALT + A and then on the red arrow in the corner of the left window)
8.Then all these values ​​(which you have below) also select everything (alt + a), press RMB on any, change record, value, and put the amount you want to receive (I personally tested on the amount of 10kk, 30kk, 70kk.
9.after that, unfold the forza and click “take the prize”
10 everyone, you have a lot of money.
PS It happens that the game crashes after you have taken the prize, just re-enter offline and everything will be ok

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