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December 4, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Ghost Master: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the mission Unusual Suspects, you need to take the Barrier and tie it to a pot with a bonsai, then the Banzai ghost will be released.

Tip # 1
If you use Buck’s “Dense Horde” ability in the “DEAD” mission near the pump, then the spirit will free itself! To free the Pianist, all you need to do is bring the cook, but it can be easier, tie Shiver next to the Pianist and use the Crazy Invitation ability, and the Pianist is freed! With Jordan, you need to do this: tie the Hozaika of waves to the aquarium and use the ability

Tip # 2
Use the Static’s ability “Crazy” in the mission “Calamitville Horror” in the basement, then you will free the secret ghost (!!!!) – Doctor of the Dead.

At the stage “Cosmetics and broom” on the first floor, where the witch’s protection is located, you need to tie the Barrier to the pot of earth, any air element to the balloon and the air element to the aquarium. The protection of the witches will work for you. The tail of fire will be freed. You cannot use the abilities of each element, because water will extinguish the fire, the barrier will destroy the pot and the aquarium, the air will extinguish the fire and the fire will drain the water. ghosts can be moved but not removed.


Crew: Jammer, Mumbler, Stormclaw, Sparkle, Gariet, Electroplasma, Dark Spirit.

This is the last battle against the ghost hunters. Tie Thunderclaw to the car and ruin it. The green camera will break. Tie Electroplasma to it and ruin it. Then put out the light, remove Stormclaw, tie the Mumbler to the blue alarm, to the Interference chamber, to the yellow alarm Electroplasma, to the stuffed deer of the Dark Spirit, to Twilight’s car. Keep scaring mortals. When Ice Cream Man appears, Sparkle melts him with Hell. When the last hunter is left, Remove everyone, tie Gariet closer to the stairs, make an “Etheric Gift”, remove it, tie it to the Dark Spirit’s gift, use the “Obsession”. When the hunter comes up and takes him, change the spirit to Mumbling (do nothing). When the hunter comes to the bomb, use the Shock Shock and finally expel him.

In the mission “Dead Men”, in order to free the ghost in the casino, you can tie Lucky to the roulette wheel and use the “Evil Eye” ability on the croupier (you need only one croupier). Then the Lucky One can be removed – no matter who enters the casino, the dealer will lose.

Mission 1 getting the witch
Unusual behavior in a room with a witch: the vacuum cleaner breaks down – the witch is yours.

Supernatural Senses:
For the lucky cat: a storm of luck for liberation.
For the eyes: make a ghost scream in the room – break the can
For a ghost in a tie: revenge (scare) the person

Calamityville (or whatever it is) horror
For a girl: her intrigue and nothing else
For the electrician: earthquake (level 2 horror) on the roof of the nearest pot; to attach a maniac to a musical instrument and arrange a cold in the presence of someone
For the welder: an earthquake (see above which one) at the pot in the basement.

Spellcasters are not included:
For the water element: Earthquake at the toilet (hive falls, wasps fly away)
For someone who is sitting in the house: make a cry – break the keeper of dreams.
For the Witch: open the entrance (make the wind in the backyard); call everyone, but not frighten anyone; people will find the key and open it. And she seems to be yours. For the assignment: arrange kinesis (? !!) make her fly, and then intimidate the professor.

Police station:
For the Man in the Electric Chair: Flood in the same room.

In the Ouija mission, tie an electrician to the skull on the floor where three summon spirits and use the strange vision ability. three will instantly disappear from the house and your plasma level will go off scale for 200, which is very good for the initial capital.

Haunted cave.
To free the scarecrow, tie the Rain Dance to its puddle and turn on the Rain. When the puddle becomes huge, turn on the Blood ability.
What’s over the cuckoo’s nest.
To send the Dreamer (Hypnos) and the Mumbler to the psychiatric ward, but it’s a pity for the Trojan gift of plasma, use the Chariet – an ephemeral gift and bind Mumbler to it. And for the Dreamer to get there, just wait until someone falls asleep or faints, and use the Sleepwalking ability, sooner or later the sleeper will come to the right place.

In the mission “Unusual Suspects”, in order to free the dude who is sitting in the electric chair, you can attach a jamming switch next to him and use the ability “Strange behavior”.

In the mission “Dead Men”, to get the water elemental, simply FLOOR EVERYTHING IN THE ROOM WITH HIM (when a person approaches).

Mission 11. Haunted Hollow.

Place the Rain Dance ghost in the water and use the rain ability. The unfolding storm will scare mortals, including the one in the mill, and at the same time you will find the hidden ghost of the Stormclaw who will happily join you.

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