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August 27, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Gothic 2: Tip (Edit Item Parameters)

Editing the parameters of things

For weapons:
1. Enter the Marvin cheat code, if this mode is not yet activated (by default, B – opens the character parameters and enter MARVIN, then press B again.
2. Throw the weapon, which are going to edit on the ground.
3. Focus on it so that its name is highlighted and enter the following code into the console (F2):
edit focus
4. A window appears with the name of the item (in the future, in the same way, you can add any item to the inventory, thus recognizing its id), for example, I did not find a cheat code to add ore, but with the help of this operation I found out its id – itmi_nugget.
5. In this window, we are interested in damage for weapons – we enter damage
6. Another window appears with numbers from 0 to 7.
Opposite one of the values ​​will be indicated the actual damage of the weapon.
We replace it with any other value or add additional damage (magic) to the weapon by filling in our values ​​instead of zero.
1 is bludgeoning damage
2 – chopping
6 – damage of arbelots and bows (ranged)
5 – magic damage (fire, ice, lightning)

ATTENTION! In the description of the item, the same standard damage will be indicated – this is just text, it does not reflect the real damage that we exposed.

For reservation:
Everything is exactly the same, only starting from point 5 we enter not damage, but protection
And set any values.

In the same way, you can change the parameters of the character himself so that he deals more damage with any weapon (or magic) or he has an increased basic defense, regardless of armor.
Enter into the console  EDIT ABILITIES
introduce attribute for editing strength, agility, mana, life.
protection – for protection values
damage – for damage.
For example, I like the spell, but it does little damage?
In the parameters of the character damage, opposite to 5, set 500 and any spell of fire, ice or lightning will cause great damage.

Unfortunately, such shenanigans only work until you exit the game – then you need to re-edit everything..

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