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November 9, 2020
28 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Gothic 2: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

To get behind the fence of the orcs in the mine valley, you need to find a mountain river (it is at the end of the fence, next to the MINING in Chapter 4), then turn on the “step mode” and start jumping – shuffling along the bars of the fence. In fact, there is no functional benefit from that side. There are no hordes of orcs there. There are no trees, houses, people. There is nothing at all to resemble the 1st part at least a little. There is only a billboard in German. I do not know the language, but I suppose this is congratulations from the developers.

If you approach any creature in “Gothic” and press the letter [O], then you will take possession of this creature and you can play for it (for example, having possessed a paladin, you can throw out his armor and, having possessed yourself, pick up and put it on and etc.
You can also click on [K] and fly through the walls of the mountain, etc..
(All this is done when Marvin mode is on).

If at the beginning of the first chapter you enter the city not through the gate, but, bypassing the castle, descend from a steep cliff, break through the crowds of Sneppers, and swim by sea to the port (along the way, on the beaches, you can find a couple of useful things), then a man (Lars, in my opinion), will meet you with a surprised exclamation and 500 experience points, which is very useful at the beginning of the game.

In Khorinis, we become an apprentice to a hunter (12 wolf skins) (on the merchants street), we buy a ghost trotter’s skin (100 gold), then we say: “I have several skins for you” and he gives 250 golda-profit 150 at a time.

The blacksmith quest can be completed faster. If you leave the gate of the castle, but go not to the court of Aquila, but in the other direction, you can find an orc’s hatchet in the cave just lying on the ground. It is better not to meddle further if you are weak, there are two armed tramps and an Orc statue.
And in the case of the test of the spell of forgetfulness, I tapped the alchemist on a tambourine, ransacked the whole house, and then applied the spell on it. And everything went just fine. I did the same with Mateo.

In chapter 4, while staying in the mine valley, as soon as you fill up one or two dragons, immediately teleport to the tower of Xardas, the leader of the Orcs will stand near its entrance, deal with him and take the ring from him, and now if you put on and take off the ring, then every time it will choke +20 to strength (and absolutely on the ball)

If you desperately need a copper ingot, then go to the port, from there, as usual, to the ship, and then sharply to the right.
There will be a lot of boxes, but do not be scared, jumping over them in one fell swoop (just kidding) you will receive a bronze ingot, as well as a couple of useful things…

At the beginning of the first chapter, you can get to the city in an unusual way, in order to get 500 experience from Lars standing at the pier, you can not only by sea, but simply by running up the chain at the entrance to Khorinis, right in front of the guards.

Behind the wall of the orcs (how to get there was written in the previous tips), there is a cave with all the corpses of the main characters of the game, to get there you need to walk along the wall to the left. Then you will see a descent to the bottom and you will find a cave.

For beer lovers
Press F2 (First you need to go to marvin mode) and write insert itfo_beer and before you beer!

Leather armor in Khorinis can be obtained for free. There is a warehouse in the city, which is guarded (Mateo says that some of his goods are in this warehouse, near his house). If you go around Mateo’s house, climb up the wall and, running away, jump onto the roof, you can get from it to the warehouse. The armor is in the chest, although it will take to break it (this can be taught by the carpenter Torben).

When you find the dragon eggs, take them to the blacksmith in Onaru’s yard. He will be glad and offer money (by bargaining you can get not 300, but 350) and get +350 experience for each egg. Then you buy them again for 200 gold and give them back, again receiving 350 gold and +350 experience apiece, etc..

You want to get as much power as you want in the first chapter?
If in the first chapter you go out of the east gate (next to Mick’s guard) and go to the right, killing the encountered blood flies and wolves. Go to the stairs and climb them. You will find yourself near the sign. Now go left, after passing a little turn off the road to the left into the forest. Walk until you see the serpentine path along the mountain. Follow it until you see the skeleton of a guard. There are some things and a ring of power next to it. Take them. Now by putting on and taking off the ring you will receive +5 strength just like that.

It is very easy to kill a black troll with a sword. You just need to briskly run around him, trying to stand behind him (because you are running
faster than he turns), and, once behind him, attack until he turns. Moreover, the higher your strength, the faster you will cope. And the supreskeletons in the cave with the “Dragon’s Blade” are easy to kill with the “Kill Undead” spell (you can buy the scrolls). And one more trick, from the first Gothic. If you cannot beat some mercenary to earn their respect, shoot him first with a bow. To do this, shoot him once, he will run after you. Climb to some hill so that the enemy is from the side where it is impossible to jump (a hill on the field in which field rats live is quite suitable). Shoot the enemy until he has just a little bit of health left, and then get down and deliver the victorious blow. This is how I dealt with everyone except Silvio (the main thing is that there are enough arrows and strength).

1. You can get to the thieves and hand over Rengard. the assassin Attilo will be sent to you. wet it, take the key.
2. If you haven’t gone to the farm yet. Then by going up to Mateo and paying, you can talk to him about the attack on the peasants all the time and receive a +25 bonus.

on MARVIN – fashion, you can also “order” runes, for example, the rune of a paladin (does not require knowledge of any circle)
useful for a beginner:
insert ITRU_PALLIGHT – light
insert ITRU_PALHOLYBOLT – holy arrow against undead
insert ITRU_PALLIGHTHEAL – easy treatment
insert ITRU_PALMEDIUMHEAL – cf. treatment
insert ITAR_ANGAR – nostalgia for G1 – guardian armor
insert ITAR_PAL_SKEL – the coolest armor that you can’t get yourself
insert ITMW_1H_BLESSED_03 – a cool sword with a strength requirement of only 40

In Gothic 2 (version 1.28) there is one very useful garbage with which you can quickly teleport to the city of Horinins or Horinix…
You just have to press and hold [Shift] + [forward] and press [F8] and you will find yourself in the port! Naturally, before that you need to press [B], then type Marvin. EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE!

The bandit waiting for us on the road to Horinos is not needed! In addition, you can get hold of useful information. For this, we are conducting a conversation in the following way: “I came from the mountains” and then “Who is looking for me ?,“ Who should I talk to? ”,“ How do I know that this is not a trap? ”Then we blur out:“ I’m already tried to deceive … “, Bandit” Where? “, We:” In the Colony! “As a result, we find out that he also sat in the Colony, and after a short dialogue, having lost 10 gold, we find out the name of the person who appointed the award for our head. the leader of the gang that settled in the mountains near the Onara estate (this name is required by the bandit guarding the bridge). This person is none other than our old friend Dexter!

In Gothic (1 and 2) there is a counter: you can get a level after each experience gain (be it +2000 or +10). The trick is that: activate Marvin, then enter the commands (I spell it, so you must have the “append” mode enabled)
In the console: eda then enter; then level = – 1000.
The only bug of this cheat is that in chapter 4 it disappears, but you can repeat the above operations and it will resume.
With this chip, I riveted myself over 15,000 lives and over 10,000 experience points!

The easiest way to get to the castle in the mine valley through hordes of orcs is to transform into someone, just not into sheep, vultures, etc., otherwise the wargs will devour…
And have time to turn into a man on a log at the top, otherwise the sentry can soak.

How to make Diego undress.)))
At the end of the game, go up to him and call him to sail with him on the ship, he will run into the house, change into the clothes of thieves from G1, tell him that you changed your mind about taking him, he will run back home and return naked. I’m just nuts…

I fed the guy from G2, who guards the Horn, you just need to hang out a little longer in the castle and he will go to the Innos church, and there you and the havchik!

If you smoke Swampweed, then everything will start to float, and if you kill someone and move into the corpse by pressing “O” (first you need to type b marvin b) and press F8, then the corpse will jump and the person will come to life and you can talk to him again.

There is a bug in G2: if you create your own insert_fh clone, and then knock it down, you will receive 9990 experience, he can also change gender and appearance.

With the 1st orc (lizard), you can fight even easier than described in the solution (where there is no passage for the paladin). This is done like this: if you are farther from him than at the distance of the strike, then we will step back a couple of steps, and when the victim runs at us performing a chopping blow from above, then we only need to run back a couple of steps to the right (! hand!) and chop into cabbage
hulk (it happens that he does not even have time to turn around). But you probably already realized that we are talking about a one-handed weapon – two-handed weapons are too bulky and after 1-2 hits, the Victim has time to put a block.

Under the rubble of the fortress, you can specifically pump (if you have a time car and Kevlar nerves) on the scales of this horde of orcs. Around the log, along which we climb into the besieged castle, there is a round patch of grass on which the horde is afraid to attack, and if it does, it begins to scream and shake menacingly with weapons or fists (Impact taught them to respect a heavy combat crossbow). So: we run into a brigade of orcs (3 – 4 are no longer needed) and under the screams (something like “Putse – chen – yu” – that’s how in the original the horde sounds like “My life belongs to the horde!” (Sorry for the flat humor )) that there is urine, dodging swords and axes, we run to this islet of greenery and just in case we climb a log a little (do not forget – orcs are sprinters, not stayers, and when we hear a displeased roar, we run a little more for a second to stop to attract attention the brigade running after Us and run again). We are saved. Then we go down and chop everyone. But do not get carried away – sometimes they are very offended a couple of times they will answer with a heavy “hatchet” (“sword”).

How to make your “I” wear a skirt 🙂
B marvin B we go up to some girl, press O, take off the girl’s clothes (she will not be naked, do not dream) and, having moved into our body, we pick up and put on.

The first 50 apples you eat will give you +1 strength.

An orc hatchet for a blacksmith can be bought from the mercenary Chiper for 10 coins.
Killing dragons in chapter 4 is very simple: you need to go behind the dragon’s treasure and shoot it with a crossbow without harm to your health.

If you want to get to the 6th chapter, become a paladin or a mage and go to the paladin ship, ask the guards to go through and go to the left, go up the stairs and go into the door next to another staircase, there is a closed door, we type C marvin C, and press the key K we pass through the door, then to the right, and … loading. Here you are in the 6th chapter.

If you play as mercenaries in Chapter IV, go to Horins, you have Torlof’s mission to remove the seekers from the bandits in the south, go there, kill the seeker (everyone else who moves at the same time), go to the food, take 2 dragon eggs, go to Lee, talk to him about the eggs, go to Benet (blacksmith of mercenaries) we sell eggs for 300 we get 700 Xp we buy for 200.infinite gold and experience
If you eat 25 apples, you can get a whole +1 to strength !; -)
(I don’t remember exactly, but it seems to work many times)
50 black mushrooms will give you +10 mana.
(Only valid once)
If you are fighting an Orc then try to hit while he is swinging, he is very vulnerable when running.
The girl in the tavern of the mercenaries named Tekla after completing the quests or you can just take a delicious lunch. And what a good one! If you eat it, you get +1 to strength!…
If you paid all your attention at the beginning of the game to the skill of fighting and no one else can teach you to fight better, then resort to the books that you can get in the third chapter from a merchant named Luthero. He lives in the Upper Quarter. He has two books. One can give you +5 to one-handed, and the other to two-handed. But the cost is extremely high. 5000 gold is a bunch of gold, but you can just kick him in the head and take both books + his goods for free.
If you came to Minental and want to free the Horn, then it is not at all necessary to spend all 1000 gold. When you quest with the Horn, you can take 250 gold from Milten, and Diego will give us 300. We only need to bring 450 gold. This is not very much. Also The Horn itself has a stash in an old ruined tower at the former southern gate.
You can easily enter the castle if you drink a speed potion on the bridge and run past all the orcs.
If you are weak, and you already need to go to Minental, then there are two ways:
You can swear and beat all the undead and animals, and then, already pumped up, try to make your way past the crowd of orcs.
You can walk past them. If, after entering the passage, kill a couple of wolves and turn back, then you will see a cave. There will be several rats. After we go upstairs and cross over the “bridge” and find ourselves at the wolf pack. We cut them and enter the only accessible place (mine) after loading we will find ourselves right in front of an abandoned mine from Gothic 1.
Do not eat plants that increase your performance, it is better to eat them when you increase your performance so much that no one will overpower them..
If you want to amass experience, then in the 4th chapter, rise above the flock of Fayette (where the snepers were chopped) and there you will see an old friend Ur – Shak. Do not hack him! In a conversation with him you can get at least 70 experience (if you add everything)
There are many tips, but these are just a few of them..
Use it for health !; -)

If you approach any of your enemy and start a fight with him, then when he will beat you open your inventory and drink any lexir or eat any herb. When you do this, the grass or lexir will reappear. And you can do this until you get bored.

If you want to quickly raise the level of the hero and, at the same time, his health, then in MARVIN mode, open the F2 console and enter edit abilities in the menu that opens, write: exp = 99999999, then exp_next = 0

Black troll (how easy is it to fail, etc.).
We approach the troll. He starts to chase. We run away from him, stopping when he lags behind to follow you. We run along the cliff. There is a hunter. He will start fighting him. We help, we hit from the back, we distract ourselves. You must strike the final blow. We strip off the skin and carry it to Raul (mercenary). He gives 500 evils. 2 drinks, 500 experience.

Black Troll (how much easier to fail).
We buy the “Reduce Monster” scroll and use it on the troll. A couple of blows with a sword and he’s dead.

To defeat the mercenaries, you should do the following:
In the evening, when they are in a building or tavern, Choose an enemy and say that you want to fight with him, then leave him to the house where all the mercenaries sleep, there is a table. Stand so that the enemy is on the other side of the table, take out a bow or crossbow and shoot him. When he has 1 hit remaining, hit him with a sword or ax. I did this with everyone, including those who are at the entrance to the camp

How to make a huge amount of money? Very simple. To do this, in Horins, you must become an apprentice of the blacksmith Harad. Then, you need to get to the village of Onara and go to the blacksmith Bennett. When Bennett makes 2 blows to the anvil, then he has 2 red-hot pieces of iron. Buy them and then wait for him to make 2 more hits. While Bennett is at the anvil, you can buy up to 6 pieces of iron from him. When he moves away from the anvil, swords must be forged. And so until you get bored. When a certain number of swords have been forged, then they must be taken to Harad. The profit from one sword is 50 coins, and in Gothic 2: Night of the Ravens 140 coins.
And further. Can’t kill someone, but you want to get experience points for killing him? Enter [B] Marvin [B], enter the enemy by pressing [O], enter the inventory and remove the armor and sword from it. Then we move into ourselves and calmly kill the nit.

If you go to the Onara estate through the cemetery, you can see a small crypt, there are 2 graves and a button above each and if you press them, an underground passage will open. There will be 3 rooms, each with a chest and a guard (skeleton) who have the keys to the chests. If you kill them and take the keys, I do not recommend inserting them. after that skeletons will appear, apparently the guards and you will have hard times (but the loot in the chests is good).

To steal Innos’ hammer (Quest for the Mercenary, the mission of the judge), you can simply put the vigilant guard in the basement of the monastery to sleep, and steal, there will be no problems.

To steal Innos’ hammer (Quest for the Mercenary, the mission of the judge), you can simply put the vigilant guard in the basement of the monastery to sleep, and steal, there will be no problems.

Between the place where you have to kill the black troll and the stone circle, where you have to restore the power of the Eye of Innos (in general, look in the north) there is a cave, it is difficult to find it, but you can, you need to carefully look around … We go into it and kill several skeletons (in my opinion there are six of them, but definitely not more), we go further and see the most powerful two-handed in the game floating in a beam of light, which can be obtained honestly (I called it a dragon’s blade)! Well, and a bunch of other junk … The same two-handed can be obtained by pressing G2 (marvin mode) and register Insert itmw_dra if the add-on mode is enabled, the sword will appear!

If you know theft, go to Lemar and steal his book of debts, take it to the debtors in the sequence Torben, Coragorn and Hannah (after giving it to Torben, buy it from him, etc.). You will receive experience and Coragorn’s special beer as well as Hannah’s pouch. Exit to the port, to the fishmonger’s shop, directly across from the island, blow towards it. There will be several monitor lizards and 3 tumbleweeds on the island, go to the cave there will be 4 chests and right in front of them a small
place (step on it, thorns will rise and as they give it), use the potion of mastery. 3 chests can be opened with a lockpick, for 4 you need the key that is in Hannah’s bag, if you open everything you get FAT loot +8 silver of Coragorn, take it to him (get experience + his special booze of Coragorn again), although silver is better to sell.

Gothic 2
If you donate 200 gold to Daron several times in a row, he adds 3 times life energy, experience points, strength, etc. taking 1000 gold, he refuses further money, unselfish. … Also, if you pray to the statues of Innos 1 time a day and donate 100 gold, Innos gives +4 units. life, +2 mana, + 1 strength or dexterity. Do not try to pray 2 times in one day: the money will heal and thank you. In the last levels, only thanks, restores health or health + mana.
To get an orc weapon, you do not need to shed your own and other people’s blood. Exit the gate in the market square, turn left, there are only a couple of blood flies and rats, and you find the cave where it lies, the long-awaited.
Options “hand over or not hand over the offender.” If you do not hand over Rangar to Lord Andre for theft, then after you join the thieves guild and nod to him, he will give 2 units. skill. If you don’t hand over Halvor for a stinking note, then after joining the ranks of thieves, he will buy silver dishes and bowls from you at a very favorable rate.
In a chest in Lord André’s militia bedrooms is Onar’s wife’s dish. If you want to become a mercenary, face him and return to Maria. She will press on Onar and he will add 10 gold per day to your salary.
For a fire mage. Neoras’s Challenge – 7 Fire Nettles. They grow on both sides of the bridge at the exit from the monastery.
Before redeeming Gorn, you can beg for money for this good deed from Milton, Diego, and also send a note to Gorn in prison, and he will say that his wallet is hidden not far from the gate in some rickety tower with a hole. Do not spend your hard earned money, let others fork out.
For mercenaries. If you took the quest to collect dragon eggs for Bennett, collect everything and sell it to him. I collected 14 pieces: +4500 experience points and good money. Then you ask Bennett so maliciously: “How are things with the equipment at the blacksmiths?” And do not feel sorry for the attendants, buy these eggs from him again, fortunately, he sells them cheaper than he bought himself. And offer the same eggs again. Stormy joy, + experience, + grandmother. So, without leaving the checkout, without sweating or straining, you can gain experience points and earn dough.
In the final level, you can get + 300 experience points by giving to Vatras, and then by taking from him the book of the possessed, taken from Mario.
You can hide from the orcs in the water. These unclean creatures do not like to urinate, and they lose all interest in you if you swim. Unless, of course, they accidentally fall into the water. At the beginning of the game, when the hero is still weak, and I want to earn points for the orc, I dealt with the orcs in this way: I swam along the fence of the orcs to the end of the river, where the waterfall, as it is said, the orcs do not even look in your direction if you are swimming. Then she quietly climbed ashore, teased an orc or a couple, and made her feet towards the river (where the waterfall is), making sure that the victims did not lag behind. There, near a tree, the bank is sloping, and standing on it, you slide into the water. There you flop into the river, and these fools fall down the slope behind you. Now the main thing is not to relax, otherwise they will lose interest and crawl out of the river if you swim in the water. Where the river falls vertically downward, and the waterfall itself is slightly higher on both sides, and you can get up and get your weapon. Swim to the shore near the cliff (to the left of the waterfall), stand on your feet, up to your shoulders in the water, but do not go close to the wall, otherwise the orcs will also have a place to stand up and they will drown you. Practice, you will understand. Orcs, seeing that you are standing on the ground, will inflame with a thirst for revenge for the bath, and will swim up to kill you. And there is nowhere to stand near you, and they will flounder helplessly beside you, offering no resistance while you wet them. So I drove into the water and soaked everyone, being still very weak and helpless.
In the tower of demons, the demon is so eaten up that his face no longer passes through the door. So in the corridor we wet the skeletons of the goblins, and without approaching the door, we shoot at this reptile from a bow or crossbow. No scratch.
If on the way from the tower of Xardas, where the goblins were sitting in the 1st chapter, carefully go down the rocks behind the fire, you can run into several wargs, monitor lizards and take several prizes (bow, spells)
There is a ledge behind the tower of Xardas with prizes.
You can take 10 people into the team in the halls of Jordan, and if you finally go to the tavern in the port, you can take the 11th traitor Mario, take it, it will come in handy.

Black troll can be killed literally at 1 lev.
We do this: to the left of the entrance to the cave we climb a small ledge, go along it into the cave, but do not go deep, the troll will come up, the crossbar will interfere with you, and you boldly swing your sword left and right. Long but effective. Ordinary trolls can be killed like this: when he is chasing, run around the tree so that you are on the opposite side of the tree and move slightly to the side until you can beat him. Any troll can be killed this way. In order not to look for a statuette of Innos for Edda, you can take it on the table from Lord Hagen, although you will have to pay a fine for theft. But experience is always more important than money =)))

If you know how to pick locks with master keys, then there are a couple of places where you can get rich very seriously and almost for free.
1. Join a guild of thieves, learn from Cassia pickpocketing and steal from Lemar (a usurer from the port area) his “little book”. Then pay for 200 pts. op. Torben (the carpenter) and redeem it back, then Koragon (the seller from the tavern on the market square) – he will give a beer that gives 3 to life and 1 to mana forever and also redeem it back. And for the third time give the book to the head of the hotel (the hotel is also on the square). She will give a leather pouch with a key and 2 lockpicks. Go to the port and sail to the island that can be seen in the distance. Kill the lizards on the island and enter the cave disguised by bushes (generally look for and find it in a small depression), pull the torch (the “use” button) and go to the thieves’ treasury. Open chests and enjoy your loot.
2. In a strange place on the way from the tavern to the black troll, there is a pyramid. Go around the monsters (or kill) and climb to the top of the pyramid. Open the box and there is a one-handed sword with 65 damage, which is quite good at the beginning of the game.
3. In the same place with the pyramid there is a cave. It has 2 tunnels. In the left are goblins, and in the right are crawlers (crawlers). Go to the end of the right tunnel, exterminating everyone who gets caught and in the last room, first of all, collect all the gold and generally valuable things, but open the chest last. Collect everything in the chest, including a ring of invulnerability +10 to defenses from everything (!) And reel in the fishing rods by running, because you will wake up the golems and if you hesitate even a little, they will tear you to pieces.

The black troll is much easier to kill this way:
when he appears within sight, we look to the left, there is a rock and a high peak, which is just the distance from the rock to get up there and wait for the troll. He will see you, jump and get stuck in the rock in front of you. It remains to cut right and left, though with a two-handed sword.
Also, if you go along the path through the lighthouse and the forest along the northern part of the map, just where there is a small circle with a pair of skeletons, if you go north from it, there will be four lizards and a bunch of old weapons. If you look around, you can find a cave with a grate, which I never opened, but if you poke into it as in the case of the fence in the Mine Valley, we will go through it. There is a book of a moonshiner and a bunch of his products.
I advise you to find an old document-map of treasures, going along it we will find a pyramid and a cave with scammed golems, which will come to life after clearing this cave, but it is easy to kill them, the main thing is to run up to them, during the “revitalization” and cut them without interruption, so they even come to life will not be in time.
And at the expense of the plants that add to the attributes, it is better to spend 30 experience at Travnitsi near the yard of Onar, if you drink in the north direction from the yard of Sekoba, you will learn there:
1) Everything related to spirit potions.
2) A potion of Agility has appeared.
3) And in Choronis-at Constantino-Potion of Strength.
The rest of the potions can be skipped.
By the way, the herbal witch will teach you only for the sunny alloe growing under the Black Troll’s nose.
And it’s better to run around the area, pumping to level 12-13, without entering anywhere yet.

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