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May 11, 2020
17 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Gothic: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

A useful bug was noticed in the game Gothic!
If you put on and take off rings or amulets of strength or dexterity, then these attributes will increase without the cost of precious skills.

If in the old camp, in the forge making a sword from raw steel, very quickly press “use”, then you can create as many swords as you like.
When falling from a great height, hold down the key to the right or left, then you will not break

Walk up to any person and press “O”. Thus, you will move into his body.

In order to end the life of the “immortal”, you need to press b-marvin-b (the code required for the operation of all codes), move into it with O, press F2 and enter the following:
edit abilitis, enter (another window will open)
attribute, enter 0 (life) = 1.1 (maximum life) = 0.
And now it remains to move into oneself and kill the immortal who is no longer immortal.

The author of the passage of the first “Gothic” writes that he could not in any way force Fisk to give him a task. In fact, I did it on the second try, probably because I am a supporter of non-bloodshed.
Talking to Mordrag at the South Gate of the Old Camp, you must tell him that “there is only room for one of us.” Mordrag will climb to fight. Kick his ass, but don’t kill. Then go for a walk, come back and talk to him again. He will cock, but you will have only one answer to his words: “Get out.” Tell him that. Mordrag will leave the camp. Torres will consider your task complete, since he was indifferent to the way in which you expel the merchant. When Mordrag leaves, go to Fisk and he himself will speak to you and begin to swear that he was left without a supplier. Offer to help him. Fisk will be skeptical about your proposal and will not agree. After that, you can threaten him with displeasure of Tores, or just send him away. In the list of quests, a new task called “Roof for Fisk” has already appeared. It is best to complete this mission before you complete all other quests to enter the Old Camp.

In the final chapter, if there is no desire to kill Kor Galom and others from the swamp camp for a long and tedious time, you can simply run away from Kor Galom when he attacks. Then he will forget about you and return to his place, and you can, having hammered on people, start piercing hearts.

Gothic. Roof for Fisk.
Fisk will add his vote in your favor, but it is not decisive, so the moeno mission will be finished sometime later. When you are at the New Camp, in the bar, talk to the person at the counter (if memory serves, his name is Cypher or something like that). He will advise you to contact Sharkey. Talk to him (he sits near his house on the upper tier of the cave) and agrees to become Fisk’s partner. Bring Fisk the good news and the mission is complete. Hooray!

If you pump the hero’s acrobatics (in a new camp), then at the moment when he stretches in a jump, try to press all the buttons, especially the right mouse and right to left, then the character will hang in the air for a short time, therefore you can jump even from the highest rocks.

If you need to earn more skills, but you do not want to wander through the forests and wet the unfortunate animals, then you can deliver these animals directly, as they say, to your home. In the console, type INSERT, and then the breed of the animal. Thus, the following individuals are available:

SWAMPSHARK – swampfang
WOLF – wolf
TROLL – troll
LURKER – shnyg
HARPIE – harpy

There are even shit about codes for animals, so if you know the English names, then just enter them into the console in the same way. But, in my opinion, it is best to kill trolls, dark-haired animals and swamp-eaters – for them the most experience points are given (+2000 for a troll, +400 for a dark-dread and a swamp-eater).

There is one bug in Gothic. When trying to fry it with an open inventory, raw meat increases exponentially (for example, I finished off to 22,000 pieces in a few minutes)! In this case, the hero must perform an action, as it were, jumping over a frying pan. In this case, the meat itself is not fried. However, this does not always work. In the later stages of the game, I only succeeded once. You can sell this meat to any merchant, exchanging the best weapons and all the ore from him!

You can lure monsters to the guards, after the death of the guards, loot.
Thus, I obtained the sword of the cult guard (1950 ore), luring a swamp-chopper and a light crossbow of the ghost of Pacho (it was bitten by orc hounds).
Once he lured the Orc-Warrior to the market, so he killed half of the miners, ghosts and Idol Pervez (it seems that his name is) until his guards were soaked, but you can’t stand and look, the guards shoot for some reason, you need to where – a thread from dump them…
If you run with jumps like a kangaroo, then it turns out faster. The main thing is to jump in time so as not to stop..

Want to get cool without leaving the lake?
First, as always, you need to turn on the marvin mode: B – MARVIN – B, then F2, write insert xp_map (you only have to write i xp? Since the game itself picks up the word, very similar to the T9 mode on cell phones) a map will appear in front of you, yes, not simple, but with a joke: after each reading this card gives 1000 ore and 20 skill points, now again in the console and write insert ch. A hell of a thing appeared in front of you, who will sort it out … only this “who” can raise any parameter for you (strength, agility, manna, all sorts of skills). He does all this for free, the main thing is that there are skill points! I set myself strength and dexterity for 1000 and knocked down trolls with 1 blow (with a urizel sword).

You need to go to the character statistics (“b”) and type “marvin”. Then exit statistics. It should read “marvin – mode” in the upper right corner. If there is no inscription, then do it all again. The console and some other things will now be available.
Button Effect
F2 Opens the console
F3 Change mode (window / fullscreen)
F4 Camera return
F5 Attaches camera
F6 Free flight camera mode
F7 Change camera position
F8 Restores life and mana, revives
K Teleports the hero forward
H Takes away health
O Relocation to the selected NPC

Console commands
Console commands are written on a German keyboard, therefore there are several features:
“z” is in place of “y” and vice versa;
if you need to type “_”, then press “shift” and press the button to the left of the right “shift” button.

toggle frame Show FPS
toggle time Show time
cheat god Immortality
cheat full Recovers life and mana
insert NAME (see.

In Gothic (1 and 2) there is a counter: you can get a level after each experience gain (be it +2000 or +10). The trick is that: activate Marvin, then enter the commands (I spell it, so you must have the “append” mode enabled)
In the console: eda then enter; then level = – 1000.
The only bug of this cheat is that in chapter 4 it disappears, but you can repeat the above operations and it will resume.
With this chip, I riveted myself over 15,000 lives and over 10,000 experience points!

If you want to get all the runes in the game (except for the “Urizel” rune, there is a code for it, but more about it later), then press S enter MARVIN, press F2 and type INSERT CH. Your copy will appear and you can learn everything from him. Learn magic circles, and when, for example, you learn 1 circle, you will have all the runes that can be used on this circle, when the 2nd circle, all the runes of the second, etc. Press F2 and type INSERT URIZIELRUNE – rune “Urizel”.

Well, firstly, I noticed such bugs…

1) if you cannot find the key to the door or laziness, then turn into some kind of animal using the animal scroll, then after you have turned into an animal, run to the door and during the time when you run on the spot, bumping into the door, press ENTER clothed) opppss and you lose outside the door … use works and in 2 parts at all stages of the game.

P.S Do not get carried away too much! :))

2) if you want to get rid of money, just get 10 pieces of ore, then fight with the guard in the old camp, let him stun you and take the ore from you after you get up, stun the guard instead of your 10 pieces, he will have 500 pieces well, and so everything increases exponentially.

If you are not allowed to a certain place, for example, to the water magicians or to the house of Gomez, you just need to take up arms – the guards will not stop you.

There is an easy way to provide yourself with a small capital at the beginning of the game, you need:
1. Any sword.
2. A little impudence.

So, we go to the “old camp” directly to the entrance to the castle, they won’t let us through, so just pull out the sword and quickly go forward to the castle, after a few steps we remove the sword. Then we go to the main house, again they are not allowed to pass, we do the same. Now when we turn to the left in the scrap, there is a room, and in the middle there is a guard, he just watches, and there are a bunch of different swords around. We take one of them and quickly run into the hall. As soon as the chase stops, we go back to the armory and collect swords. If the guard is still there, try to get him out. You can buy anything you want on collected swords.

There is a forge in the castle, there is a chest, you can unlock it with the combination [l, p, l, l, l, p.] There must be something valuable.

When you do work at Lefmee’s (delivering water to the peasants), you can get an unlimited number of bottles from the Lord.

There are missions in the game where you need to sell something, and take the ore to the employer (for example, sell a swamp, and take 200 pieces of ore to the idol Isidro in a bar on the lake). If you feel sorry for the ore, then you can do this:
1) We get somewhere 200 pieces of ore
2) We carry it to Isidro and get experience
3) We take out the sword and put Isidro into a state of trance (hit the face)
4) We take the ore

If you go through the game for the Old Camp, first as a ghost, and then as a guard, then after you help the Water Mages find all 5 units and after the mine collapses, you are kicked out of the Old Camp. Then you need to go to Saturas and say that you were kicked out and you want to join the New Camp. Saturas will send you to Lee, who will give you the armor of the mercenary. Then you need to go to Saturas and say about the desire to become a Water magician. He initiates you into the circle of Water, and here – YOU A MAGIC OF WATER. Further more interesting. After the URIZEL sword is charged, you can go to Xardas and become a necromancer. In this case, you learn the 6th circle of knowledge of runes, Xardas gives you the Robe of Dark Magic and you can make the rune URIZEL from a charged stone on URIZEL. Merry rune !!! The end. May Innos, Adanos and Beliar come with you.

At the very beginning of the game, you can easily get a templar sword from the Travokur village (even several).
Go to the village to the monks, behind it in the swamps there are many swamp sharks. You lure one, and if you get two, follow you to the village and rush towards the nearest templar (shouting “Uncle, help! The bullies take your sight!” In any case, we win – the water snake (shark) died, we will take off the skin (it is advisable to learn this in advance); the man will die heroically – we will get hold of a sword, a crossbow, etc..

If there is a problem with finances (ore), we do this: we bought a couple of pieces of iron from a blacksmith (no matter in which city), sharpened swords from them, sold them twice as expensive to the same blacksmith, bought raw steel again … etc. Interestingly, from 5 pieces of iron you get 7 swords, from 10 – 14, etc. And if you manage to open the chests in the blacksmith of the grass smiths, then there will be enough iron and free swords for the rest of your life.

In the course of the game, I soaked almost all the peasants, villains, murderers and guards (I didn’t bother with monks – there was nothing to take from them). This, so that they do not flicker while looking for the right people. The main thing is not to kill people with specific names (Fisk, Homer, Fletcher, etc.), because this will make it difficult to complete missions. And the rest – do not forget to apply a test in the belly so that you do not wake up, and pump the good into the homon, and there will be more houses for spending the night.

And here’s another joke. In the Old Camp, you can immediately get about 164300 ore without really being able to fight. You approach the forge, in the vicinity of the castle you need to knock out two guys who work there. Bach and one of them has 1,643 blades. You have refined 164300 ore.

How to get the coolest one-handed and the coolest crossbow at the beginning of the 2nd chapter. All this stuff belongs to Scar (or Scar) – he works as a bodyguard for Gomez – constantly hanging out in the throne room. We’ll have to rob him a little.

For this we need a sleep spell. In the 1st chapter, there are only two of them – the idol of Orun in the Swamp Camp has one (it will give for the quest “Horim’s Changer”), the second – in the idol of Kagan in the New Camp (it will be given for the quest “Distribution of the Swamp”). One of the spells is required to complete the quest in the swamp camp, but the second is completely abandoned.

As soon as we get the quest to visit Gomez, we go there and save. We take out the spell of sleep and let it go to Scar. He lies down to rest. And we take out our weapons and begin to wet Scar. Gomez and the second bodyguard don’t give a damn – they are loudly indignant, but they don’t fight. Sleepy Scar doesn’t fight either. In the end, Scar is passed out, and we rummage in his pockets and, until he wakes up, we make legs from there.

Note 1: Everything must be done quickly – especially to let sleep, otherwise the second guard can shove in the head.

Note 2: sometimes either Gomez or the second bodyguard still goes from words to deeds. In this case, we restore and repeat everything again..

There is a quest in the new camp – to sell the bog idol Isidro. You take a swamp from him, without selling it to anyone, you immediately give him 200 pieces, experience is added to you, Then you sell him his own bog for the same money and you again get experience and your 200 pieces from you. Oh yes, I almost forgot, and the mission is also completed.

I want to tell you how to collect a bunch of useful trinkets in the castle of Gomez. First of all, you need to get the skill of picking locks (1 level).
Once in the castle, we go up to the 2nd floor, where 2 guards are standing – they are nicely cooing among themselves about something not political, so we will not interfere in their chatter, but we will immediately get down to business. We open in turn all the doors that are on the floor, thereby getting into the rooms where there are chests with junk. We save in front of each chest (in the case when you have only one master key), after which we select combinations of hacking. That’s not all – in one of the rooms (if I am not mistaken, then in the middle right of the entrance) there is a passage to some tower through the corridor, there we will find ten more chests, from where you can also collect all sorts of nonsense (elixirs, various food, ore, etc.). We are already leaving the castle as wealthy nobles and can not hesitate to trade in the markets of this isolated state..

For smokers.
When you complete the quest of the idol of Kagan in the new camp, he says that the idol Isidro is lounging in the bar and wasting away supplies of grass. We go to the bar and offer help to the drunk idol.
He refuses because he is drunk. We finish the conversation and hit him in the face, take away the grass. Then we talk to him again. We say that Kagan wants to find a replacement for Isidro. He’s scared. We offer him help again, now he agrees and gives us the same amount of grass we removed from him when we beat his face. Double weed! Northern Dark adds 10 newbie experience, 5 experience, and dream call 2 mana.

To enter the Old Camp, you need to win the respect of influential people. Arena Manager Scatti wants you to beat Kirga or Karim. The difference between them is simple: Karim is faster, stronger and stronger than Kirgi. But he gives more experience and loot for sale.
To easily defeat him, you must:
1. Become a one-handed master (for high attack speed);
2. Strength 30 or higher + good weapon (for piercing his armor);
3. During the battle do not be distracted;
4. Save before the battle.
Weak point: Karim loves to hit with a running start if our hero is at a distance. You need to press your back against the wall, and as soon as Karim swings at you, run off to the side, and he will rest his forehead against the wall. Don’t let him turn away from the wall! Hit him with a backwash + E / Q) until he falls!

When you get to Gomez, go up to the second floor, press the English keys “B, M, A, R, V, I, N, B” on the keyboard. Approach the central door as close as possible, press the English “K” key, and you will find yourself in Gomez’s bedroom, where his woman is bored. Approach her (so that her name is written above her), press the English key “O”, and the control will go to her, open the inventory … In the inventory we take off the clothes – and on your monitors there is a completely naked girl!!!

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