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December 22, 2022
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Easter eggs:

1) At the beginning of the workout you are in the barracks of the military camp. The room has soldiers, behind them – beds, and near the beds – chests. Look, names are written on them. Interesting – whose? All right! Game developers.
In the same room, if you activate the NOClip code and pass through the floor in the floor room below, then you will find the following text: “DMM 1999”. These are the initials of the designer of this level – David Mertza – and the level of level creation date.

2) In Opposing Force there is a place where you meet Gordon Freamen. Scientist just jumps into a gigantic teleportator to get to Xen. If you go after him – you will fall into the abyss and die. But… You can use the NOCLIP code to proceed to Gordon, take care of it and discover that the freeman wears dark glasses! As an agent… Also this easter can be seen if you pass through the wall before Gordon jump into the portal.

3) At the first level, when the game is just beginning, take the body armor and go ahead until you meet with a thick guard. Near him you will find a computer. Use it several times. The computer will “hang” by giving the “blue screen of death” (Windows error). It seems that the developers have repeatedly come across such a problem when creating a game, so they decided to perpetuate it in of.

4) Secret Weapon – Penguin – only works on the patched version of Opposing Force (any version above 1.0). During the game, type in the Give Weapon_penguin console. You will have a new weapon – a penguin with a bomb on the back. At the same time, you can carry up to nine penguins. Cage for this weapon looks like a snowman holding a table of Beware of Penguins in his hands (“Caution – Penguins”). This secret looks not exactly as an easterhouse – rather as the result of the action of the code, – but the developers themselves called the penguin Easter Egg, motivated by the fact that the destructive bird cannot be received by the Impulse 101 command.

5) Dial during the game in the console, the HAIKU command or to bother it to any key (Bind Shift Haiku). On the screen just generated by the Japanese poem will appear. Here is a fairly interesting example:
SO What If I Sweat
Evil Evil Boy.

6) The game has weapons the Displacer. When used, it shoots a bunch of energy, teleporting all enemies in the district unknown where. If you use an alternative fire button at guns, you can move between Xen and the real world. The main problem – weapons spend 60 out of 100 power units (cartridges), which means to get back in the same way you can not.
When you first find displacer – you in Xen. When trying to use alternative fire you will get… to the training level of the original HL. Do not shoot on enemies, and look a cool scripting scene “Monster is trying to dunk holographic lady”. What he just does: and it allows a zipper into it, and River’s legs – everything is wasted…
Do not rush to leave this pleasant place – look at the bulletin board hanging on the wall. You will see a photo of Rob Heironimus (Rob Heironimus), the main Level-designer of the game, with easter eggs instead of eyes. These are the easter eggs in Easter!

7) at the level where a giant worm in the sewage was seeded to go on, you need to open the valves in two places and click the button in the control room. It turns out that performing the transactions described above, you activate Gearbox and Valve. Nothing reminds? Gearbox and Valve are game developers firms. But in the literal translation of the word mean: Gearbox – Transmission, Valve – Valve. At the level you just activate the gearbox and open the valve.
At the same level, you can meet on the wall near the elevator word Steam – the name of the computer game protection system.

8) During the passage of the game (head of We Got Hostiles), you will help a group of soldiers (in a room with a punched ceiling). Upstairs – an inverted table, near whom the photo of children is lying. These are children game developers.

9) The game has a hidden texture. You can find it using the Pak-Explorer utility in the Gearbox \ Pak0 directory.Pak \ GFX \ ENV \ Hackup.TGA. On this texture placed the text of the poem about the hack:
Hack Hack Hack
All Day Long.
Hack Hack Hack
While i Sing
This Song.
What’s the hack? “Hack” in Slane designers means not a computer hacking at all, but “do something easier / elegant”. At the final level of the game, the main character moves between two worlds – Xen and the usual world. Each world provides its own texture of the sky. The author of the level managed to implement the movement between the worlds without loading another card and the change of “heavenly” texture. And in the verse, he as if he said to players, which was able to achieve.

10) Go to the first scene of the game where weapons are given to you (the scene is called We’re Pulling Out!). You will see a guy and doctors who speak (after which they are killed). Before the guard sees a monster, he says: “Have you seen the new ig-88?”IG-88 is a hired killer in the Universe of Starwars, sent by Jabboy for Khan Solo.

11) Perhaps the most main Pascher Opposing Force. First, remember the last level of Doom 2. At the last level behind the wall, the head of John Romero is hidden on the count. When you see the boss, you hear some sounds that when playing in the opposite direction (!) Make up the secret phrase from Romero: “To Win The Game You Must Kill Me John Romero”. So – in at the end of the game you also hear some sounds, when reverse promotion components of the phrase: “To Win The Game You Must Kill Me Randy Pitchford”. That’s how the slyly threw his secret Randy Pitchford – the main developer of. The head that needs to be destroyed is not provided. Only sound track.

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