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December 18, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Hellgate / London: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

I advise you to choose from the character classes Demonologist and Technologist – it is easier to play, since androids or demons help you.

Disassemble unnecessary items. With the help of spare parts, shards and other items that we receive during dismantling, we can modify weapons and armor. So I still go with a rifle, which I found at the beginning of the game, but the power is lethal (because I have already modified it 100 times).

Advice for shooters: you do not select weapons by the huge number on the weapon window, but press the right button on the weapon and in the center. There you will find out everything and the damage and rate of fire and to whom especially sick kicks give.

Advice on how to earn an infinite number of items in the British Museum mission. However, I warn you that this is not easy and it will take a lot of money, patience and dexterity. You were sent to the museum, you killed the critters in the Rift, and you turned on the detonator. During these 25 seconds, you not only need to escape from the Rift, but also try to run away from the place where the portal itself is. The first time, what I am writing about may not work out. If you did everything correctly, every time you return to the Breach, there will be explosions, which means that the Boss of this level will appear every time.

There is such a bug in the game. When you receive a reward for a mission, you can change the items that are offered to you for it. When you are on the item selection screen, press the cross on your inventory and then talk again with the one who has your reward. Oh, miracle! Items are completely different (by characteristics).

At the beginning of the game, at the first location, when you reach the entrance to the station, then do not go there, but exit the game and enter again. Start over, and experience and inventory remain the same. This trick can be done as many times as you want.!

If the merchant has nothing for you, then go out and log in again, he will have new things and weapons.

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