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September 14, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Tip (Adding Campaign Heroes)

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So let’s take a look at how to add campaign heroes to regular maps. You practically don’t need anything, only the WinRAR archiver. First, open the file with the archiver data.pak. We see a lot of folders in it. But we will edit files only from the folder maps -> multiplayer. But there is one problem – this operation will have to be performed with each map to which we want to add heroes.
For example, let’s take the folder L4. Then you need to extract the file L4.xdb to the folder created by the archiver itself. We cannot edit the file we have extracted, since it is protected by system settings by default. Will have to set new settings for the folder data (this folder contains the file L4.xdb). This is done simply – right-click on the folder ==> Properties ==> Uncheck the “Read only” checkbox. That’s it, now we can edit the file.
File L4.xdb open with notepad. There we see a lot of lines. We are looking for a line. Below is a list of heroes available to play on this map..
Now the most important thing is to add heroes. But you will need to know their names, as well as the name of the documents associated with these heroes..
By inserting a line, we will open the hero Nicholas for Necropolis.

Here is a list of some of the campaign heroes (ATTENTION: if you want to copy these lines, then remove the spaces between

After editing, save the file.
Now we need to delete the file L4.xdb, which is in the archive. During removal, the archiver may freeze a little, but there is nothing to worry about, since it should handle very large file sizes.
After waiting a while, the file will be deleted.
Now we need to “push” the same file into the archive, but with our own changes. Click the “Add file” button and select L4.xdb. You will have to wait almost as long as you waited when deleting a file. We wait.

So we’ve added campaign heroes to a standard map called Rise to Power. It remains only to try them in action..

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1:> Be sure to make a backup copy of the data.pak file, because if you mess up somewhere, you can simply delete the modified archive and insert a copy of the regular file, without changes.
2:> You may ask, “How do you find these campaign heroes?” The answer is simple – open the file texts.pak => text => game => Heroes => Personal. As an example, let’s open the folder Academy. And there we will take the folder Cyrus. It contains 2 .txt files, from which we learn that the hero’s name is Cyrus. Therefore, to add a hero, we will need to enter the following line:

That is, to add different heroes, you only have to change a part Academy / Cyrus to the name of another faction / name of the hero.
3:> In the same way, we can find out the names of the maps on which we are going to add campaign heroes.
4:> In our file archive you can find a ready-made mod for adding campaign heroes. But this mod is not suitable for all versions of the game.

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