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April 1, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In mission 4 for order, when you take the boots of levitation, do not rush to finish the mission … Go down along the coast, there you can enter the territory where you cannot reach without boots. In addition to various bonuses to attack, defense, etc., there is a cartographer who, for a certain fee, will open the whole map for you. If you then look at the lower left corner of the map, you will see there … TANK! Such a normal tank with a star on the tower … It’s a pity that the hero can’t run up to it…

As soon as you have passed to the second level for the mages, do not rush to buy huge armies … Just learn the spell: summon elementals, and then increase the level of summoning magic and witchcraft. Just a few creatures with high HP are enough for you (I like to use archmages if I’m not mistaken in the name). That’s all, just let the magicians die with the help of the “raising the dead” magic and the number of elementals can be doubled each turn until the mana runs out.

Who loves to play for the stronghold, do not go broke on dragons. Better do super dendroids. Here’s an example:
my army:
two dragons, a couple of elves, 25 archers and 10 super dendroids.
8 Hydras, 3 Dragons, 6 Minotaurs, and all sorts of rags.
won quite calmly.

In the 5th mission, when you need to hold off the attacks of demons, then you can destroy them there with the Tear of Asha artifact, and in order not to be difficult I will tell you where it is:
just below your kingdom there is a red flag, well, just below this flag you need to bury it, and you will find an artifact, and then everything will be simple.

Advice for the fourth campaign for Railag. Learn the spell: Meteor storm, and then increase the level of chaos magic and irresistible magic. The hero of the tenth level with a small army takes the enemy to Hurray, but only if you control the battle process yourself. The computer on the machine probably does not use magic, but maybe it just blunts. I now have a Railag of level 25 and inflicts a hurry with a meteor shower 1200 + to this the defeat in the area is huge.

There are 2 trainers posted on this site, but for many it does not work. This is because of the crooked russifier on the pirate. We fix it like this:

Go to … \ HMM5 \ data \ texts.pak \ UI \ appTitle.txt and fix ÉEPOÅ 3HEPÉÅÅ Å BOÃÀEÈCTBA V on Heroes of Might and Magic V
Now, so that the old profile works, go to C: \ Documents and Settings \ PROFILE \ My Documents \ My Games \ and change the name of the folder ÉEPOÅ 3HEPÉÅÅ Å BOÃÀEÈCTBA V to Heroes of Might and Magic V
And trainers will work and the profile will remain.

The search for the Tear of Asha is not difficult: having found one obelisk, we are looking for a similar place to the riddle that opened in the map, we dig and receive a message (like: “She is somewhere to the South”) and use them to dig out the Tear of Asha. (If the message does not appear, then you have not correctly aligned the cards.)

Addition to the passage.

Necromancer Campaign.

Mission 2. First difficulties, or Titanic efforts.

After Mythorad is conquered, we simply upset it as quickly as possible – at a certain level of the city, the titans guarding the portal to Hikam will be scared and disappear. And there will be no problems with the city itself.

If you want to get money in battles, then take command of 1-5 races and play one of them, and use the rest of the races like this:

1) Build bazaars
2) Send all resources and money to yourself
3) Surrender to unnecessary races and you are rich.

If you play as “Order of Order”, only peasants should be transferred to the highest level. Firstly, you will save money, and secondly, replenish the army with such necessary creatures as arrows. This does not require improving the peasant huts, but buying up only “ordinary” peasants. This will help a lot at the beginning of the game. For example, on the 4th day of the first week, I already had 115 archers! Further exploration of the map was not difficult..

The last mission for the Forest Alliance is the Supreme Vampire, it is much easier to go through if you destroy all the ghost dragons. To find out where they are, we go to the hut of the magician, who will show us them. We build up an army (about 600 archers, 300 druids, 50 dragons, etc.) and go to fight the dragons (in total they will be in six points of the map: 2 – in the underworld, the other 4 – at the top). After we defeat them, the light necessary to defeat Nicholas will appear. As a result, the mission is much easier than if we went to the prophet to carry out his assignment in order to get the phoenixes (with the help of them, the light necessary to kill Nicholas also appears).

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