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February 25, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Hitman / Codename 47: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In mission 4, taking a flyer, you can not kill anyone, and when you enter the roof, you kill the guard from the glushak and go up the stairs. You wet a red dragon, change into it, see off your aunt and go wherever you want.

In training, when you come to a room with red and blue pieces of iron in the shape of men, take a cannon, then go into this room and immediately leave, then enter and exit and so on several times. in short, I scored 148 points here in this way. and if you take the Dessert of Needles, throw it away, take the Beretta and the action to raise the dessert, then it will also have 15 rounds.

Mission 5: “Find The U’wa Tribe”.
The game will only need Kalashnikov and a Kevlar armor vest, the rest of the weapon can be obtained in the jungle.
After landing in the jungle, determine your location on the map (key “M”) and move in the direction of the icons with the pistol, which are on the map at the top left. Having found the first box, take ammunition and move to the second, but be careful because next to him are two soldiers. They must be killed. Change into one of them (because your uniform is causing aggression from the patrols). It is better to hide the corpses (by the way, it is better to do this whenever possible). Find the broken box and take the weapon from it. Now you calmly pass by all the patrols (thanks to the enemy uniform), orienting yourself along the map, in the direction of the wrecked plane (brown spot on the map). The main thing is not to run, otherwise the creatures will start shooting. There are 6-7 soldiers guarded there: one is on the wing of the plane, one is guarding the statuette below, the rest are on alert. The easiest way is to shoot from behind the trees (so that the others would not see, otherwise they will open fire on you) to kill them with a Kalashnikov. Take the god and give it to the Indians. Hide the weapon in front of the village (at the sight of the weapon the Indians will start shooting). After giving the artifact, go towards the bridge (blinking circles on the map). Near the bridge, the tower climb up, not paying attention to the guard, take a sniper rifle and cartridges. Choose a position so that you don’t see the bridge with your armed eyes. Find three soldiers guarding the Indian through the optics. Soldier kill the Indian will run away. Do not shoot when the helicopter is nearby !!! Return to the tower, throw out the rifle, take your machine gun. Do not be afraid of the soldier – they take you for theirs. Wander around, collect ammunition (using the map), they will come in handy in subsequent missions. And blow into the village (hiding the weapon in a holster). After talking with the leader, go to another level.

Mission 10 “Plutonium runs Loose” has a useful bug.
It is not necessary to kill everyone to go through the guarded gates; it is enough to wait for the guard who is patrolling the territory. He will come to the gate and they will be opened for him and you immediately run into them. ATTENTION: this does not work on the very first gate so that everyone has to be killed there, and also the bug does not work when the guard enters the gate from the other side, so you have to wait until he passes through them and when he returns, the gate will be opened for him and you can run into them. Thus, you will be able to overcome the second and third gates without unnecessary noise and find yourself at the ship. I also advise you not to go to the third pier for ammunition, as there is not much sense from this, it is better to go directly to Boris’s car, kill the guards and take their guns, then Boris will be warned and he will run to his car, and there you can easily deal with his two guards and actually with him! The nuclear bomb is in the bow of the ship in the hold.
In the very first mission (after training), you can kill the envoy from the Red Dragon without climbing onto the roof of one of the three buildings. There is another very convenient position. If you run to the place where the first limousine will arrive, you can see a passage between the two houses across the street from the park. There is a yellow dumpster. You need to go behind him and, without taking the rifle out of the suitcase, wait until the target appears in the field of view, and when a peaceful passer-by passes by you. After making sure that he does not see you, take out a sniper rifle and shoot a representative of the Red Dragon in the head. Then, throwing away the murder weapon, or hiding it in a briefcase, head off to your car.

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