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December 20, 2022
5 minutes

I want to tell about the simplified (compared to the famous description of the passage) of the way to obtain a rating of the “quiet killer” in 1.2 and 4 missions.
In 1 mission, the easiest way to throw out weapons, take the key from the doctor from the doctor and run to the elevator. On the way, you still have a syringe of any psycho and change clothes (instead of running upstairs from a security guard with electric shock in search of psycho. Then go to the central staircase, go through the door opposite the exit, waiting for the riot police, climb him along the screw staircase, but do not go to it in the door of the next room, and sit down in the left corner of the door. When he leaves, we enter the room, we go to the balcony and sit down. Turn on the map mode and wait when the cop on the street begins bypassing the machine. Quickly descend and run to the car – not a single alarm!!! (if you run, not chew snot).
In the second mission (meat king), you can not strain with chicken and campaign to the kitchen.
Beginning as it should be: throwing out weapons, we move into Coca, close it in KAMAZ with a refrigerator and come in (do not forget to throw a hook, otherwise it is not avoided. We go through the fais – control and immediately climb the stairs to the brother of the butcher. We find the remnants of the chicks, take her hand and (if you picked up on the road of the Tessen) I wish the butcher’s running brother that morally preferably. Then go to the locker room (on the map room with a variety of partitions. Dress in the clothing of the waiter. We go to the Red Room Take the Tube with opium. (Knife, I hope until you have thrown out) we go to a lawyer, crying it, a knife for the throat – and hello. So as not to blame the knife is better to get drunk here, otherwise there will be problems at the entrance to the butcher. We take another pipe of drugs and blowing on the second floor to the butcher. We pass the second face – control and go to the room directly, where the Oohannik loves to smoke on the balcony. I pull the knife from the sofa and go to Tolstoy. We stand in the room and one of the prostitutes approach and ask to blow. Throw the tube to the floor – there is no Ponte whores to be serviced – it will raise myself, drones, causing a girlfriend and both cut down. At the crawls, fit and cut a thick throat (yes, how they took a knife, close the curtains at the butcher, and then the protection of the crown lead). Throw a knife and through easily found on the map the dressing room we go to two refrigerators – and on the base, t.E., in glitches.
At the cottage of Bellenford, you can also go through another.
At the very beginning, we do not go where along the water. And in law. We pass tennis courts and go to the right to the stables (without forgetting to reinforce the visit of the convoy for Kamenyuk on the right wall. When one of the patrols go to bypass all the buildings, we go tizo behind him and in the area of the boxes with a cake from the sinitz, we change clothes. Now all running: go on the door, where left cord from TV – antennas. In the same room on the left well with water for naked horses, genthes love to raise protection. We pass this room straight. In this beaturochka, the two doors you are interested in: on the left – with a bucket with pesticides and opposite with the guard, lovingly shaking cable. Take a bucket with poison, we go back to the well, lay there, watch the roller about the death of horses, quickly run away into the outer door, we pull the cable and rummage to go into the room where the poison. We calmly look like from the room opposite it comes out, carefully run there and take the key from the camera of the prisoner, let it go (at the same time, like when the horses break are wary – stragging). Rush to the street and persist closer to home. Know the device at home is still tedious – this is the speed required before the wake of patrol. To enter the house is better not by the ponovoy dogs, to from the other side, and we get almost into the boiler. I cut down the water, the shower chunks look down, and we will meet it in the shower, we turn through the secret door behind the mirror upstairs, in the second room we take poison to the old Lord (on tiptoe), poison in milk and quickly blowing one of one of4 screw stairs to the basement. There, the remains of poison in the barrel from whiskey and the tears of claws to the place of starting mission. Everything will happen by itself. Old fucking will go the shelf with cyanny potassium, and the young poisoned the whiskey’s whiskey – butler.
There are still a couple of swamp missions, which I will write about the first time.

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