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August 14, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Homeworld 2: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

I rummaged here, and dug up more interesting jokes.
If you look for the line “ship \” in the Homeworld2.big file, then you can draw yourself not only all sorts of Sajuk, but everything that is in the game. Well, for example, you can make a Keeper like this:

tactic = 1,
type = “kpr_destroyerm10”,
subsystems = {
buildjobs = {
size = 1,
shiphold = {
name = “NIS_Squad”,
teamColourHandle = 0,
hotkey = 0,

If there are a lot of problems with the fleet and a bunch of small ones are rushing at you, just place a maximum of ionic platforms next to the mother ship, better denser, and flatten the enemy, effectively at the level after the capture of the Oracle and after the last jump at this level, there are many enemies, and the fleet in a few seconds destroys.

Do not build assault frigates, they die quickly and the power is not very good. build more torpedo tubes. wet the left carrier and quickly the right one, if you are lucky you will have time, no, then the enemy frigates will also be attached. over quickly. we nailed, we jump, the enemy’s fleet is at the station, ours should be sent there, I think further it is clear.

About building ships.
Build both fighters and bombers equally.
Depending on the missions. If a mission where you need to bring down small ships mostly, then build fighters as they are maneuverable.
But keep in mind against large frigates, they will not help much, because they do not have enough power.
Build bombers against large ships, these ships are not so maneuverable, but they have more powerful fire.

The tactics of Battle cruisers + fighters rule very much. I tested it on a small map against an expert’s computer, albeit with a lot of resources. The main thing is to go out to battles from the start, and build fighters with a cruiser (only fighters!). In the compartment of the battlecruiser, 5 fighters each enter, when they are loaded – you can hyperjump under the enemy’s mother ship and immediately release interceptors. At the same time, there is no need to build frigates or other nonsense – we save money for jumps.

In the mission to save Soban (13), the author talks about a weak point. You will find, you can consider yourself a great strategist. I did not find. And I left in such a way. In the previous mission (fortunately, it is quite calm), build up the entire fleet (Battlecruisers, Ion frigates, pulsar corvettes, bombardiers) and, after spawning, sweep the area with a scout (did you do this upgrade for him?). Despite the dust, they will quickly find you. Start production on all ships immediately and control it. And the entire fleet in the front, on the enemy. Not up to Soban now. Control the battle every second, otherwise the fleet will spread out, start firing at fighters, not heavy ships. concentrate fire on the most dangerous ships for you, and so on. Constantly build reinforcements. Beauty: Ion frigates and Battlecruisers bring down the enemy destroyer in one gulp! You probably won’t pass the mission the first time, but with the help of a frontal attack (oddly enough) I won the mission. Like this.

In mission 13, take your time to save Soban, first deal with the attack of the vygrs. Oddly enough, but a head-on attack helped me to complete the mission. You just need to control it personally every second and constantly build new ships. After that, deal with the Vaigr Flagship and save Soban. Do not expect that you will pass the mission immediately without straining. On about the third try, you will understand all the intricacies of the attack. And further. I completed the mission with an attack on the forehead, but how you go, whether my advice will help you does not depend on me.

Someone neglects corvettes – in vain. Especially Vaigry, whether they are there. Their laser corvettes can take down any frigate at full grades from one or two approaches. So a stratum appeared against Higar – we are rapidly developing laser corvettes, and in parallel we are multiplying rocket ones. When the research on Laser corvet is ready, we reproduce both types in parallel, so that they are equally divided. Don’t try to do it with one corvette plant. This stratum can become useless if the enemy Higar and hit the masses. pulsar corvettes. Don’t forget about upgrades (your armor will roughly double.)

The mission where you need to save Soban, (13, it seems) I went like this: in the previous mission, when the Bentusi exploded and it was necessary to collect their hyper-core, I collected 2 pieces, waited for the Vaigers, gave them the opportunity to collect more resources, waited for them to install on the battle cruiser, the hyperspace module (sometimes it takes a long time to wait), destroyed the entire fleet, except for the battle cruiser, built three landing frigates, destroyed his heavy rocket battery and engines with bombardiers, started the landing from the sides (I do not advise them in the forehead, since their nose gun quickly burn) and captured him. You just need to constantly monitor the missile battery so that it does not shoot. Difficult, but possible. Then, when he rescued Soban with the hyperdrive module, he quickly jumped to the carriers, shipyards, mobile resource bases and destroyed them. The main thing is that the group has enough resources for jumping..

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