Homeworld – Remastered: Advice (We make any amount of resources)

1. Start the game, go through at least one mission in the campaign. If by the time of reading this guide you have already completed at least one mission, go to the next point

2. We leave the game, we stomp into “Your folder with games \ Homeworld \ HomeworldRM ​​\ Bin \ Profiles \ Profile1 \ Campaign \ HOMEWORLDCLASSIC”

3. We see there files with the name “persist2”, “persist3”, “persist4” and so on – select the most recent one (if you have completed only one mission, there should only be “persist2”) and open it with a notepad, scroll through the very bottom, where we see RUs = * The number of res are indicated here * – we change this number to the one that you like.

4. We go into the game, choose a single player game, click on the last open mission, enjoy the crazy dalars

This method works on the classic version, as well as on the second part and its remaster. For Homeworld 2, the dude has already described in more detail here – only the presists of the remaster of the second part should be located at this address: HomeworldRM ​​\ Bin \ Profiles \ Profile1 \ Campaign \ ASCENSION

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