How to Survive 2: Advice (Where can I get it? + Item ID)

Where to get a screwdriver ?

Required level What do you need ? ID

The screwdriver is quite common, the earliest task on which it can be found:“The smell of gunpowder” 3rd level. This quest is taken from “Kovac“. The screwdriver can be found at the very beginning of the quest on the second floor of the house, but it can be found in another place. Also, the chance of finding is not one hundred percent, you may have to complete the quest several times.

Where to get a saw ?

Required level What do you need ? ID
3 Screwdriver ID_TOOL_SAW

First, we need to take the task from “Clifton“”Mad coyotes“.

After its completion, the task will be available to us “Warring brothers“this is what we need.

After you get to the task, “Roscoe“, there will be a chest of drawers in his house, here it lies”saw“.

Where to get copper wire ?

Required level What do you need ? ID

We have a new bow at level 7, but we need to make it “copper wire“.

We’re going to “Kenji“and we complete two tasks, in the third task we will be given as a reward”copper wire

Where to get an adjustable wrench ?

Required level What do you need ? ID
five Nothing ID_TOOL_WRENCH

To get “adjustable wrench“we need u”Kovac“complete four tasks, in the fifth”Security room“we have to find the key.

We break into the car there and the key lies.

Where to get the file ?

Required level What do you need ? ID
five Nothing ID_TOOL_LIME

The file can be obtained by completing the quest “Stuffed fool“as a reward. This is a task from”radio station“what u”Kovac“in the shelter.

Where to get an empty paint can ?

Required level What do you need ? ID

To receive “empty paint can“we need to take the task from”Clifto“”The love of my youth“this is the fourth task on the list.
In the house where you will find “Betty” on the second floor there is a chest of drawers with a balon.

Where to get wire cutters ?

Required level What do you need ? ID

To get the wire cutters, we need to take the task from “Kenji“”Hard to learn“the fifth task on the list. When clearing cages with zombies, we will find wire cutters.

Where to get the elastic rope?

Required level What do you need ? ID
The task

Elastic rope“can be found during the girl’s quest”Super Madison“. Quest level 37”Stock collapse“(elite), in the second part of the task it will be necessary to clean up the military camp in the forest, if we go up from the camp, we will see a hatch in the middle of the clearing, go down there and find 3 cables and a clamp. To open the girl herself, you need to complete the task.”Kovaca“”From the depth…“(Level 33)


Why did you write ID ?

Why did you write the ID, you ask. This is for those who are too lazy to look for items on assignments or elsewhere.
There is a folder with saves in the game folder “How to Survive 2 \ Data \ Save“there is a file in it”SaveBase_Local.sav“this file contains all the parameters of the base (where it is located, how many buildings you have, what is the LVL, how many and what things are in your chest, in general, a complete description of the base)
Now, if there is a climb, you can find the item “” and below is a list of your things.

ID_MATERIAL_FABRIC – this is the material ID,
388 – this amount
1 – I do not know )
In general, if you want to add this or that material, just enter the line.


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