How to Survive 2: Tip (Hacking Resources, Steam- License / Regular Version)

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December 29, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

How to Survive 2: Tip (Hacking Resources, Steam- License / Regular Version)

I was prompted to write this post by the indifferent attitude of the developers to their products. I, as a respectable citizen (sounds strange if you read the next couple of lines), informed the developers about the hacking of the game. I expected something more worthwhile than just a “thank you”, at least get a job as a tester. But no, there were no offers. Ok, my revenge is cruel). There is no need to stretch the post over hundreds of pages, it is rather banal, but no one has guessed yet, it has already been developed vkurse, use it while you have time. let’s start.

1) Open the save folder   – for Steam version (Steam / Steamapps / Common / How to survive 2 / Data / Save) Something like this, I don’t remember, to be honest. You can drive a file into the folder search  SaveBaseF_Local.ynm , and then right click on it and show the location of the file. And for the regular version How to survive 2 / Data / Save, something like this. 

2) Next, we put the things that we want to copy in the box (it is desirable to have more resources, since the available amount is multiplied by 2). We go to the main menu, it is not necessary to close the game. Switching ALT + TAB to the save window.

As we already know, the ynm file format is encrypted. You can open it, but you need specials. editors, but I decided to go the other way, just made a copy of the file, and deleted. Having entered the game, I found that my camp was gone, but the backpack with the contents and the character remained. This made me think, what if you take everything you need from the chest, and then insert the previously saved copy of the camp back.  

3) File SaveBaseF_Local.ynm , copy and paste here, this is our backup. 

4) We go into the game, take everything we need, put it in the character’s backpack (don’t be afraid for the weight, I had more than 200 tons, but the character could move). 

5) Exit to the menu, minimize the game, go to the folder, delete the file SaveBaseF_Local.ynm , and in its place we put the previously created copy of this file SaveBaseF_Local – copy.ynm , approximately the same name of the file you will have, delete accordingly – a copy, together with spaces, so that there is a name identical to the previous file. But, do not forget to leave this copy, as we will be going through these steps several times.. 

6) We go back into the game and see that everything that we took again lies in our chest.

We turn steps 4-6 a couple of times, then we can make a new save to increase the number of items in our save. Let’s say you initially had 100 rounds. You made a copy of the camp, entered the game, took 100 rounds, replaced the copy, entered again, took 100, replaced the copy, each time 100 rounds.
Resources are accumulating in your backpack, you can put everything back in the chest, let’s say you collected 500 rounds, and make a copy of the camp with 500 rounds and multiply those same 500 rounds. 

Ask your questions in the comments, I will answer) 

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