Hunted: Demon Forge: Tip (How to see all 3 endings of the game.)

There are only 3 endings, you can watch them all without replaying the entire game. Beat only the last battle. The files are in the game directory:
Hunted-TDF \ DFGAME \ MOVIES. They are called 7_1100A.BIK, 7_1100B.BIK, 7_1100C.BIK, and the text to them, respectively: 7_1100A.TXT, 7_1100B.TXT, 7_1100C.TXT.
7_1100A – Caddock kills Elara.
7_1100B – Elara kills Caddock.
7_1100С – They kill the witch, and everything is fine with them!
So copy these files to a separate folder and from it replace the active files (*. BIK and *. TXT) in the game, changing A, B or C. Figure out for yourself which files to replace, depending on your main ending of the game.
For example: I played for Koddak and drank when offered. Koddak killed Elara for me, that is, files A. I replaced them with files with B – I go through the last episode – I watch another ending. Likewise with files C – I’m watching the third final.
If your first ending is different, figure out what to change for what.

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