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January 17, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

IL-2 Sturmovik: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

Everything they say in training about takeoff and landing is bullshit.
Takeoff: turn on 100% thrust, afterburner and wait for the plane to roll. When it accelerates, we do a full roll towards ourselves.
Landing: we release the landing gear (you can not do this, but then do not take off), do 0% thrust and try to touch the ground at a small angle and that’s it. Do not press the brakes (B by default), otherwise you will roll over, the plane will stop by itself.

You need to be able to sit down, and not like North to “flop like a grandmother off the stove” (hear from any instructor). Here is the instruction point by point:

1 – speed should be 300-220 km / h – fighter and 120-180 km / h – bomber;
2- take a position so that the height is no more than 1000 meters, and the strip is in front;
3- reduce thrust to 45-25% (45-35% for bombers, 35-25% for fighters, attack aircraft – average);
4- extend the flaps and landing gear;
5- keep the nose just below the horizon;
6- wait, back and before to raise the nose to the horizon and wait for a touch;
7- after touching, reduce the thrust to 0-15% and hold the plane to the end of the runway, carefully and slightly slowing down (if it is strong, then you will bury yourself in the ground);
8- at a speed of 80 thrust at 0%;
9- at 20 km / h traction on the smallest and taxi, in the parking lot – on the brakes, but carefully.

As for takeoff, it is imperative to release the flaps (they help to take off and gain altitude without much loss of speed), because they will help not to lose speed to the desired height, but the thrust in life needs to be gradually increased (otherwise the engine will choke and the speed will drop, and you will not take off), but here you can immediately.

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