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April 30, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Jade Empire: Character Building Tips

So guys I want to give you some advice on character creation !! Firstly, when you create a character, there are 2 real classes for passing the game:
1) this is a security officer
2) man lightning or just swing focus

I’ll probably start with the second one, because he is closest to me. To swing it well, you should focus on focus and choose the Legendary Strike style. it is average in size and beats the norms. This style is the most effective in focus. he knocks out serious damage. What is good (a) our lightning, but the fact that the focus helps to quickly score enemies such as the elephant and other heresy that does a lot of damage. The same trick helps to protect well. Let’s say the same elephant began to beat you. He will deal you a maximum of 1 hit if you are out of focus. But this is already at the middle levels when your focus works well, i.e. not bad all stand still and you turn on the focus during the battle, then the same sdon will not inflict a blow on you. Its buildup is very simple, you need to spend 3 points on focus and 1 on life at the beginning of the game. After obtaining a level where you are already given 3 points, 2 of them are thrown into focus and 1 into strength (all the same, you need to live, and not add up from 1 hit). You can, in principle, score on chi. But if you are an ardent fan of chi, then through the level you can throw 1 point and in chi.
For lightning, I warn you immediately better artMoney or CheatOmatic, or do not use the save editor. And why? Because the game is dull and when you read the focus, it ends very quickly (I tried this. I stuffed myself 1 million focus through Cheat O matic, it was spent as if I had only 10 eyes.) So it’s not worth it.

The buildup of the enforcer is simpler. It does not require any flaws. If you are good at dodging hits, go for the White Demon style. If you are not very good at jumping, then it is better to take the “Leaping Tiger” or Legendary Strike style. The buildup is the same as that of lightning, 2 points to the strength of 1 there which is less. At the very beginning, I advise you to spend everything on strength..

For the siovik, I also do not advise using cheats, the same crap as lightning only with the hits received, lives go a lot.

I will give you some advice on how to insert the canes into the amulet. It is better to insert stones that increase stats such as Strength, Chi, Focus. Any nonsense is not needed there. It is better to carry conversational kani with you in 3 in case you want to talk someone out, but otherwise they are not needed and feel free to sell them.

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