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October 6, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Juiced: Tips & Tricks

Sprints are best done in front-powered machines. Ring-shaped and point-to-point on all-wheel drive. Well the tricks on the rear wheel drive.

Many people complain that the game is very difficult. I advise you to start by choosing a sprint from the races. They are the easiest and most profitable, make money, tune a car then you can try everything else

There is no money?
And codes are used only ******.
Then a real way to make money without taking part in the ride.

1) creating your own race track is best sprint
2) choose the most powerful car level (i.e. 1),

We created a track and spent a maximum of 1000-3000, but now this is the tactic.
For example, if the difference in hp is big, we bet on the one who has more hp, but if both have 907, for example, then you need to look at the experience and the state of affairs (two bands in the middle of the hp type – 907 -) for example, one has both experience and psycho state exactly 3 bands (experience left band psycho state right) and the other has 3 experience bands and 2.5 bands psycho state, then in this case we put on the first one with 3 bands of both

P.S I raised from $ 10,000 to $ 2,000,000 in 10 minutes

Try you too.

It pisses you off that when you refuse to participate in a car race, respect falls. Try this: agree to the race, select your car to participate in the race, when your car and your enemy’s car are shown on the screen, press esc, it will say “do you really want to get out and finish last” – press yes: respect is in place and yours car too.

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