Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition: Tip (Set yourself 60 FPS or more)

1. Close the game

2. Go to the folder where you installed the game itself

3. Go to KidGame \ Config

4. Open KidEngine.ini

5. Change the line MaxSmoothedFrameRate and add your value (60 FPS for example)

6. Save changes and close the file.

7. In the file properties check the “Only for reading

(Otherwise, the game will overwrite with default settings every time)

8. Open the file in the same place DefaultGame.ini and change the QTE lines


If you put 60 FPS

1. Change the line: mRevive_MassageRecoveryRate to 2.6

2. Change the line: mRevive_MassageHealtDownRate to 0.98

3. Change the line: mRevive_MassageDownPowerMax to 10.0


If you installed 120 FPS and more

1. Edit: mRevive_MassageRecoveryRate to 5.2

2. Change: mRevive_MassageHealtDownRate to 0.96

3. Change: mRevive_MassageDownPowerMax to 20.0


Save changes and close the file.

The game will now run at the selected frame rate with the correct QTE line.


P.s Material taken and translated from the site:

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