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November 3, 2020
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

King’s Bounty: Dark Side: Tip (Editing Game Files)

Perhaps the information I have specified below is the “Secret of the Open” and has been known to everyone for a long time, but still I will post it for those who do not know.

So, if you go to the address C: \ Games \ King’s Bounty Dark Side \ sessions \ darkside in the game folder, you can see several files with the “.kfs” extension. These files are nothing more than banal rar archives and can be easily opened by any convenient archiver. The file ses.kfs interests us. Well, a lot of interesting things are stored there, but we are interested in files with the .txt extension, which (if someone else does not know this) can be opened with a typical notepad. My sincere thanks to the authors of the game, who left hints and descriptions right in the files about what and how this or that parameter changes..

1) arena.txt This file is responsible for the arenas of battles, the appearance of statues or volcanoes on them, the health of the towers of gremlins, and the like. Not the most interesting file, but might be useful.

2) Config.txt Responsible mainly for the correct access to internal files and ensures that money is equal to money and not the germs of thorns. Interested mainly because of the descriptions of unit names, for example: dark_priest2 = Heresiarch or ogre_chieftain = Orc Chieftain

3) Effects.txt Parameters for burning, poisoning, shock … all of this can be found here. Theoretically, you can fix everything so that the freeze will kill 100% of the squad. In practice, it works in both directions (in yours too!), So I do not advise you to do much chemistry here.

4) Gametime.txt Want to finish the whole game in one day? It is enough to correct the line fTimeSpeed ​​= 0.01 by adding a couple more zeros here.

5) hero.txt The most pulp, mmm. The most interesting and useful file. Leadership conversion tables for level and experience for level are pretty well explained and so. But then comes the most delicious. First, the heroes are divided into Orc, Demoness and Vampire, respectively. Thus, it is enough to change the parameters of only the hero for which you are going to play. So:
leadership = 180
attack = 0
defense = 0
intellect = 2
mana = 20
rage = 10
gold = 1000
rune_might = 1
rune_mind = 1
rune_magic = 6
crystals = 4
book = 10
For those who have trouble with English, I explain, the first line is the starting amount of leadership, second attack, third defense, intelligence, mana, rage, gold, runes, magic crystals and slots for scrolls, respectively. I will explain again – these are the starting values.

skills_off = alchemist, edda_skald, warboss, blood_lust, rage_mastery, rage_in_blood, lord, weakness_lore, enlister, divine_auspices This is how the line of skills closed to the vampire looks like. To unlock them, just leave a line in the form skills_off = alchemist, edda_skald The reason for this is the “artifacts” remaining in the load from the Warrior of the North. Thus, all senior abilities are unlocked..

army = archer | 11 | zombie | 5 | ghost | 2 This line is responsible for the initial army of the hero. Nobody bothers you to bring it, for example, in the form army = clown | 5 | dragon_rider | 3 | getting metamorphs and dragonriders at the very beginning of the game. Just do not forget to correct the leadership otherwise the squads will revolt. The list of units can be found in Config.txt

spells {here you can insert any desired spells that you want to get at the very beginning of the game, although it’s easier to use the magicbook cheat

6) Hero_titles.txt Here, in the pb lines, you can correct the buns received for titles.

7) items.txt Here you can make an Über-artifact from any “training sword” with +1 to attack. Example. In student belt student_belt {
category = o
image = heroitem_addon1_belt_student.png
label = itm_student_belt_name
hint = itm_student_belt_hint
information_label = itm_student_belt_info
maphint =
mapinfo =
atoms {
1 {
atom =
lu = template_item_mb
label =
price = 15000
maxcount = 1
level = 3
race = neutral
use {}
mods {
defense = count, 1
intellect = count, 1 you can correct the last two lines by say 10 and 10

8) Logic.txt Coefficients, constants and other in-game variables are detailed here. I will not describe, the developers did everything for me.

9) medals.txt Here you can change the medals, the conditions for obtaining them and the buns for them. You can, of course, to get, say, a Combat Alchemist, put a condition in one arson, but then the medals lose all meaning. on the other hand, 400 uses of protective spells for the third level of the Dark Guardian is somehow overkill, especially if we are not talking about the use of two spells per turn. Remember that the medal has three degrees, everything must be changed. For example, for Strateg params {
max1 = 10
max2 = 25
max3 = 50
order = 1
param = 0
var = clear_wins this is how all three levels of this medal should look. To avoid.

10) morale.txt here you can play a little with morality and make elves pray for demons. Or vice versa.

11) skills.txt Hero skills. No comment, as they say.
// High magic
hi_magic {
pos = 1.4
deps = initiation
pic = skillicon3_12_
name = skill_hi_magic_caption
hint_header = skill_hi_magic
hint_text = skill_hi_magic_hint
script = skill_common_magic
levels {
1 {
deps = 1
runes = 3,3,10
trade =
pars = 1,20,2
2 {
deps = 1
runes = 3,3,15
trade =
pars = 2,30,4
3 {
deps = 1
runes = 3,3,20
trade =
pars = 3.40.6
Such a record, for example, will give you the opportunity, at the third level of the skill, to lash the enemy with two geysers in a row. Believe me, a couple of geysers quickly and efficiently halves even the most powerful enemy army.

12) spells.txt Everything is the same, only for spells. The cost of 1 unit of mana with damage of 10,000 units is quite real. Remember only that the enemy can also please you with some kind of fireball, which will multiply your units by zero.

Remember that the best is the enemy of the good. Don’t change too much, it can lead to unknown consequences. And yes, remember the first commandment: Copy whatever you change. Good luck.

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