King’s Bounty: The Legend: Advice (Tricky Victory Tactics)

If you learn and level up the “Tactics” skill in the “strength” section, you can arrange the units at your discretion. Alternatively, you can use the following tactics:

initially, the hero’s troops stand like this:

we expose them in the following order:

1 – long-range units (archers, catapults, etc.) – we put them in the central cells of the maximum available row (roughly speaking – on the front line) so that they have the best perspective and the damage they cause;

2 – melee units (swordsmen, knights, cavalry, animals, etc.) are brought forward. If possible, you can use them to open chests. And also, if the situation and location permits, they can be used to destroy various dangerous objects – statues, totems and everything that can cause damage if you are close to them.

3 – If there is a squad of shamans, then when their turn comes up, we select their skill “Totem of Death” and set it in the central cell on the side of the enemy. What we have in this case: at first – the totem acts as a kind of distracting dummy, or a training dummy. Opponents (especially melee combat) begin to attack HIM, and not the hero’s troops. If the enemy’s troops are weak, then it will be enough until the end of the battle, and if the opponents are strong, then do not count on for a long time: 1-2 blows from strong detachments – and there will be no trace of him. Also, if the opponents are weak, then towards the end of the battle he will finish off the rest of the enemies with his lightning.

Now – about the offensive:

First and foremost, we cut out EXACTLY RANGE units and magicians. If you have a detachment of goblins with a catapult, then you can use their skill and send a fireball into the most dangerous units. It is especially useful to do this if the enemy has magicians, archers, etc. Just select in their midst even at the initial stages such a detachment that would be as close as possible to other potentially dangerous enemies, and throw a fireball at it. As a result, you will see how, in addition to him, he will accept 2-3 more nearby detachments. All others – both melee and long-range ones – can be finished off by melee units; and also – you can finish them off with magic (if possible), the inhabitants of the Box of Fury, or (again, if there are orc shamans in the army) – then with the help of their skill “Dance of Blades).

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