Kingdoms of Amalur / Reckoning: Hint (Freeze Bugs and Crashes-Problem Solving)

1 # Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning graphics improvement
Skyrim FXAA also works with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, so you can tinker with the settings if you’re not happy with the picture. Don’t expect miracles though – it’s just post-processing.

2 # Black screen in the Kingdoms of Amalur
If you encounter a black screen during character creation, you can solve this by disabling vertical sync and post-processing in the game settings. If you do not want to turn off post-processing, then you need to raise AA to X2.

3 # Can’t log into EA Servers
Restart Origin.
You can also try to delete the line ‘blaze_email = xxxxxxxx’ in the file located at this path: My Documents / Reckoning / personal.ini
Then start the game. Works in many cases.

4 # Kingdoms of Amalur – customize keys, fix mouse wheel and more
One of the users of the game’s official forum created a small application that allows you to customize the control keys, fix the problem with the mouse wheel and assign several macros. The latest version can be downloaded from here, details about the application can be found on the forum.

5 # Problems with Textures in Kingdoms of Amalur
Update your video card driver. Try to decrease the settings and check if any other programs are running.

6 # Kingdoms of Amalur 3D Vision problem
If you are trying to run 3D in Kingdom of Amalur but it does not work, we recommend that you read this thread..

7 # How to access the quest The House of Valor
The quest can be obtained by entering the online key included in the game. If you have not received the key, then contact your retailer – including digital.

By activating the code, you can find the House of Honor by exploring the eastern part of Alserund.

8 # Kingdoms of Amalur – D3DX9_30.DLL Error
The problem is solved by the latest version of Direct X. Download from here.

9 # Kingdoms of Amalur crashes
If you experience random crashes of the game on the desktop, then try updating the video card drivers. Nvidia has released a special, optimized version of the driver for the game. You can download it here.
If you have AMD, then just update the driver

10 # Stuck in Reckoning Mode
Turn on the tutorial to solve the problem.

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