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March 16, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Knights and Merchants: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

How to get through the battle in the game? It’s very simple.
Go to the War and Peace folder, then the “data” folder, then the “Mission” folder, save the mission you want to delete, if you saved, you can delete this mission. You go into the game, load the previous mission, write the code. Appears in the VICTORY menu and you passed the mission.

1. To prevent your subordinates from starving to death, from the beginning of the game, build more farms, mills, wineries, etc. If you have a large enough village, then there should be about 3-4 canteens.
2. To avoid a shortage of forest, it is necessary to build a “forester’s house” at a sufficient distance from each other so that foresters do not cut the same tree together or three. And there should be 3 times more sawmills than forestry houses.
3. If there are watchtowers, do not rush to build barracks. Otherwise, the recruits will go to the barracks, and the tower will be empty.
4. Also, before you build a barracks, then save up some ammunition, which will allow you to make a squad of soldiers.
5. Create soldiers only in groups and keep a squadron of 8-12 people. This will allow you not to feed a huge army right away, but to feed only the units. It saves a lot of time.
6. Combat tactics:
a) if the enemy has many towers, but they cannot be shot due to the fact that there is an army between them, then lure this army into an open field with one archer, where towers will not help them, and then destroy these towers with large detachments of archers;
b) if the enemy’s units are dominated by:
– cavalry, then put spearmen against them
– spearmen, then put up foot soldiers against them
– and if there are many archers, then train more militias; Although they have no armor, but using the “offensive” function, shown in the form of two crossed swords, you can, without falling under the arrows, run up and destroy the archers without harm to yourself.

In an ideal city, in addition to a warehouse and a school, there should be 1-2 quarries, 4-5 huts of foresters (not necessarily at a great distance, if two foresters are fooling around in the same area, they will plant enough trees). There may be one tavern, but a road 2-3 squares wide should pass near it. Three sawmills are enough if the forest is not too dense. 3-5 pigsties, 2-3 butchers, 2 tanning houses will supply you with leather and sausage in abundance.
To supply the pigsties with grain, there should be 2 farms nearby. 4 more farms are needed to make bread. For this purpose, you also need at least 2 mills and 2 bakeries. You can’t get too carried away with wineries! For the manufacture of weapons, you need 2-3 forges or weapons, for armor – a couple of armor. You cannot build more than one barracks!
It is desirable that the school be near the gold smelting, 5-10 servants were in reserve, and the road, near which there are many houses, was wide.
P.S. Build buildings in order: military, food, military, food, etc. ALWAYS keep 2 armies – defensive and offensive.

The most important thing is that they did not say above.
If at the start of the company you were given a decent army, especially horses, hurry up to send them to the fork of the map, in parallel building a city.
At half of the levels, the opponent starts building his city from scratch as well. This is what you need to take advantage of. Seeing the constructing buildings of your opponent, destroy all Warehouses first, then the School. Often in this case, the opponent is inactive, and there is no need to kill him. After destroying the Warehouse, the opponent will die of hunger before they can attack your base.
This is how you can honestly make the game easier.

Each map has a certain “loophole” – a narrow passage to the enemy’s city. We send the available forces there and destroy all taverns / warehouses. The enemy is dying of hunger.

If you are going to build a winery, first build vineyards, while you build a building, the grapes will ripen.

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