Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition: Tip (Achievement Guide)

Elite Kill – Kill an elite enemy. Just select an enemy with the Elite badge and defeat him.

Level 5 – Reach level 5 with any character.
Level 15 – Reach level 15 with any character.
Level 30 – Reach level 30 with any character.
Level 30 (x3) Reach level 30 with 3 characters.
Level 30 Elite Group – Reach level 30 with all characters in your group.
Lucky – It is necessary that the dice roll 20. You can just move around the map and wait for twenty. Either sleep, but not in cities.
Unlucky – Same as the previous achievement, only you need to drop 1.
Tough battle! – Win the battle against seven monsters. To fight 7 at once, you first need to buy the holy grail in the store.
Blacksmith Level Up! – There is a forge in some places on the map. Go into it and pump the blacksmith up to level 2. To do this, you need stones (grindstone), which you can get yourself or buy in the store.
Say Hi to the Game Devs! – Discover the creators of the game. Will do it yourself during the campaign.
Hit That Vein – Obtain a grindstone from veins. Veins can sometimes be found in caves. Click on them and if you’re lucky you will earn a pebble.
Grindstone Master – Earn 10 grindstones from veins..
What a Waste! – Use the healer when you are already at full health. Potions can be bought in shops.
Class: Bard – Unlock a new class Bard. At Sunset Castle, complete the Slay Bandits quest..
Class: Barbarian – Unlock a new class called Barbarian. In Journey Village, complete the Deliver to Goblin’s Hideout quest.
Class: Hunter – Unlock the new Hunter class. Complete all collection quests in Default Village.
Class: Knight – Unlock a new class called Knight. At Sunset Castle, complete the Battle Skeleton quest..
Class: Shaman – Unlock a new Shaman class. In Yoga Village, complete the Travel to Plains Temple quest, and then complete all the quests that you will be given there.
Class: Necromancer – Unlock the new Necromancer class. In the Default Village, complete the Escort Elder quest.
Wow, You Must Love That Spell! – Pump one spell up to level 15. By the way, in taverns for 50 gold you can reset all points.

Dungeon Cleared – Clear the dungeon. Castle sewers. It is the lightest. The main thing is to kill the boss, it is not necessary to clear all rooms.
Master of Dungeons – Clear 10 dungeons. (You can do the same thing)
Dungeon Crawler Kind of Person – Clear 50 dungeons. (Well, you and ass)
Here Comes a New Challenger! – Open a new master. To do this, you need to buy it for gold.
What Is Your Gold Level? – Earn 9.001 gold. Complete quests, kill enemies. Or buy with real money (not advise).
The Big Spender – Spend 9,001 gold. Buy clothes, upgrade armor, etc..
The Open Minded – Play with all classes in the game. Start a new game (you can choose a new save slot) and just select each class.
Indecisive Person – Play all the characters in the game.
Epic Armor – Pump your armor to the maximum. This must be done by the blacksmith.
Epic Weapon – Upgrade your weapon to the maximum.
Dragon Slayer – Kill the dragon. They live in the Chromatic Nest.
Weird Combination – Choose a strange combination of character and class. For example a character Jock of class Mage.
Already Dead? – Start a new game and die on the first enemies.
Is This My Kitchen? – Visit your kitchen inside this game. Complete the Chromatic Nest quest. To do this, you need to kill 5 dragons, which is very difficult. So we buy Greater Phoenix Up and off we go. After winning, get the achievement and the most epic enemy in the game, which does not have to be defeated.
Where the Journey Begins – Complete the Campaign..
Rise From Your Grave – Use Continue after you get Game Over. To do this, you need your team to have a level higher than the first, you also need to have little gold. Now die and use the follow up. You will appear in the Default Village, all earned exp will be lost (levels will remain).
Thanks For Choosing Us <3 - Пройдите кампанию используя всех 5 игровых разработчиков в качестве персонажей. (Gui, Ronaldo, Betu, Hugo, Saulo).
Goodies Expert – Buy all in-game items.
Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That – Complete the main quest as fast as diarrhea. In less than 365 game days.
Group of Masters – Unlock All Masters.
The Explorer – Visit all locations in the game.

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